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  1. iLoki


    Heya, welcome to GC Madness! You can obtain gems by -Certain Dungeon Drops -GP Shops
  2. iLoki

    Pearl of Persephone earring buff

    I can also confirm that the buff is working fine. Doing dungeon runs I'll usually see the buff a few times per run. It's just something you've gotta leave to chance since it's not a manually activated buff. "A unique ability of the earrings is to create a special aura for a few seconds. The aura appears randomly, but only in Dungeons. When activated, a buff called "Hell's Strength" will take place, granting it's user Super Armor and an Attack Buff (x1.455 attack) for 17 seconds with a cooldown of 15." ~Grand Chase Fandom Wiki
  3. iLoki

    server maintenance

    It is over as of now and the server is online.
  4. That's correct, because we're a low rate, KoG-like server. But this is just my opinion on the matter.
  5. I feel like it's not too bad, you get 4 clears per SoD & Crucible as well as a daily LoJ bullion & WL. It's suppose to be (In my opinion anyways) not extremely easy to get items bought with bullions, since GCM is a 1x rate server and as such presents qualities similar to official GC servers.
  6. iLoki

    ✿ Hello! ✿

    Hiya KomradeHush and welcome to the community! I can honestly say that I'm confident you'll be happy with the content of the server as well as its staff. If you're ever looking for someone to dungeon with, feel free to add me, my IGN is "Joker" (Without quotations of course) and if you're interested in finding a guild feel free to checkout Astrology's guild thread which I'll link here <---- (click me, if interested) Enjoy your time within Madness!
  7. Start doing daily hero dungeons to get phantom phoenix gear (get this gear easily from Sanctum of Destruction or buy with bullions). Once you get purple phantom phoenix start working on getting iron dragon armor pieces to craft into true iron dragon armor. And hope for good props Also save good cards with nice stats for end game gear, as powerful cards can boost Total Attack greatly. (For going True Iron Armor.. You could also save up VP from events or buy vp for lv80 gatcha armor)
  8. Back in the stretch

  9. iLoki


    Thread is now up to date with current guild leads/generals.
  10. iLoki

    [READ ME] General Solutions

    No offence but "outside perspectives" are pretty useless in programming unless you can see the code of a file. Like I said, ask around in the discord. There are a larger group of active members there.
  11. iLoki

    [READ ME] General Solutions

    Riv, do those files also help with the Windows 10 fps issues? @Naedox Possibly two files for x32 & x64 bit computers? Just a guess though. Could probably get an answer faster on the discord.
  12. iLoki

    An idea for skill tabs

    I understand what you're saying. My point was AP characters have a larger skill pool to chose from than mp characters per job and so it emphasises the importance of your skill path. While still being fun to the majority of players. I'm not sure when you started playing GC but I remember when Dio first came out, with his 1 job he seemed to have 10x the skills a mp character did. And having the option for a path adds depth to a character compared to having 3 skills assigned to you per/job. Like I said though, interesting idea.
  13. iLoki

    An idea for skill tabs

    Interesting idea, though I find your argument so that it's to be playable - compete - with characters that use weapon change who have multiple jobs kind of silly. With a weapon change on characters with more than 1 job (And no AP skill tree) they only get 3 skills (not counting 4th) per weapon with their basic combos. AP Characters such as my Veigas have 4 skill slots, assuming 1 is allocated for their 4th, but 5 slots otherwise. They have almost as many skills as a multi-job mp character using both their jobs with weapon switch. And having them locked in a certain way adds to the importance of the way you build your character(s). And although the 2nd skill set doesn't allow for a separate skill path. It allots to have a set for PvE & PvP or just two favored ways of playing a certain skill road/build.
  14. Back and ready to... die in PvP... a lot......

  15. iLoki

    Few questions regarding the game....

    1. Could just be poor connection to the download host? 2. Depends, some of the strongest pets are achieved through the gatcha system using VP. But pets can also be achieved through dungeons & events aswell. Go through the pets list in the "Collection" tab to find a pet's name to get more information. 3. I think it was suggested that they be added as cordi but I'm unsure if that's the plan or if they're going to be added to the gp shop. 4. It's possible to clear your 2nd and 3rd job change in one day, but your 4th job needs you to run SoD 4 times so you need to do 2 runs in one day and 2 the next. With enough time you can get 3rd job 1st day and finish 4th on the 2nd. If you have any more questions feel free to pm me! I don't know everything but I'm also an old GC player so I can help a bit.