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  1. julianleonardo

    [Ended]Date A GM - Poetry

    TO : [GM]Enid IGN : Tohka When the night finally came The cold wind slowly start covering this body As if this body is dead and stiff My eyes can only directly looking what's up above Which is nothing but the stars and the moon The moon symbolize as the silent of this cold night and the stars symbolize as the light that accompany the moon all night I may not be the moon nor the stars Who could accompany you every night I may also can't afford to give you something shiny like the moon and the stars that light up every single night I can only give you my love I always think of you everytime I'd promise myself that i will take care you and protect you from any danger because i truly am in love with you
  2. julianleonardo

    Bug Change Nickname

    Ign : Tohka thank you
  3. julianleonardo

    Bug Change Nickname

    i want to ask. I have 1 change name in the storage area and I can change the name given to you by a friend. when I move change the name in the inventory. rename zero. then I move it to inventory again changing the names of both missing. Please help