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  1. I've worked out some ideas for possible new necklaces, anklets and other things. [Winter Kit] [Summer Kit] [Nightmare Circus Kit] [Night Kit] [Others] [Other concepts I did not elaborate]
  2. Happy

    Systems Renew

    I agree! The game needs a review on the evolution progress of the characters, so that the fun is not only at the end game. For many who arrive on the server, which sometimes comes from other places is tiring the process already passed many times. And I know many who do not want to play because they think will need to face everything again that is already annoying.
  3. I do not know if all players have the same feeling about class quests. But most Brazilian players find the missions very boring, and many like me imagine advancing a character simply because of the class mission. The missions are already very old, undergoing a reformulation, but still they become masses. Even because repetition is not difficult, and today the current class assignments have no difficulty whatsoever. So the suggestion is this, to reformulate the class missions. I wrote some ideas. [Tests for the MP characters] [Test for AP characters / Hybrids]
  4. I really wanted a snowflake necklace like Frozen Elsa Well, I'll look forward to this little project.
  5. I will leave here only a few ideas for who knows in the future you use. New visual packages based on: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. This idea was based on fairies, especially from Disney's Tinker Bell. Other 3 concepts would be: Sun, Moon and Stars. So the mascots could be fairies, I think they would be very beautiful because they are easy concepts to win the players. If in the future you come to do caprichem on hair, wings and weapons. Or maybe create a story and do an event mission based on this concept: fairies.
  6. [Introduction] The idea is to separate the talent tree into ST of PvP and PvE. Currently this already exists, but not visible (only damage?). But still, with this idea that I will describe there will be more things that will be very good! [Objects] - This will completely separate PvP from PvE. - Removing some limitations of the characters for the PvE. (As currently some characters can not get full ST because they would not be very strong, like Dio, Zero, Ley ...) - Remove or not add things that could not be added in the ST because of PvP. [Positive points] - Leave the most private modes. - Improve the diversity of characters for PvE, making it even easier to balance and create new things. [Negative points] - Players will be more separated (maybe) (This is not exactly a problem for me because I do not really like PvP, and I do not like being forced to go either, I'm just going with friends, and many PvP players do not like PvE either) [How it would work in the game] When opening the ST, the player will come across the first window before seeing the tree. In this window the player can choose which ST to open. ST (PvP): Focused for PvP. Here the talents and abilities are limited by points. In this ST the player would already start with all the maximum points, except for the classes. So for him not to need to go to the missions, specific quests would be created to release the ST PvP classes. Example: [GP] Harbinger Mission - Ley (ST PvP) ST (PvE): Focused on PvE. Here all talents are free, no need for points. Combos are already fixed by class, but special, active and passive skills need levels, as well as classes. In this case the ST of PvE would be redone to get something in order of increasing by level and all of single level. [Example] As I said, not everything would fit into the two STs. Things like for example, the things I created on the topic of reformulation, would not fit into the PvP ST. In terms of training and talent position, all of this would be different. Summing up; ST (PvP) limited by points, ST (PvE) limited by level only. And obviously the PvP ST would not work on PvE at all. And the same for PvE. I hope you have given to understand.
  7. Happy

    Achievement Suggestions

    @ZOOL No problem, that's great!
  8. Happy

    Characters Reformulation

    I added Ley reformulation to this topic, to stay in the standard as well. It's just a topic.
  9. Happy

    Achievement Suggestions

    Well, things like that exist in a system of conquests. An example of this is the Elsword game. The purpose of the system is not to be won quickly, so the large number of times. It is not focused on farmar, it is a slow and gradual process system. It's something like collecting, many players like that.
  10. Oh yes! This is in the mobile game, and it would be a great idea to add a read-only book. The story mode would also serve to gain a general understanding of the monsters.
  11. Selection of floor to Wizard's Labyrinth inside the rooms New Hero Dungeon modes [Selection of floor of the Wizard's Labyrinth inside the rooms] With wonderful change to Hero Dungeon something that could help a lot in the Wizard's Labyrinth would be the change of floor inside the room without having to go out and create another room. Could this be done? Maybe in the settings where the titles are, or next, near where the rewards are. A little addition that would be very good! [New modes for Hero Dungeon] I had elaborated a few things for Hero Dungeon, and one of them would be new ways, because they are very old and become half cloying at times. With this addition, according to the way the platforms would be different and the monsters stronger. There would be level and rank limitations. I even made a design to give an example of how it could be. (It was in Portuguese) Story mode would be the mode focused only on the history of the mission, for a general knowledge. Normal Mode would be the mode without any dialog and with the strongest monsters. In this same way there would be something different that would be the head of each type of monster, for example. Infernal Acolyte, Infernal Magmok, Infernal Spearman and etc Each of the common monsters or there would not be their 'Boss' version. They would have attributes greater than normal, would be like sub bosses. In the case of Berkas' Lair the Dungeon would be enlarged. Basically it would add new stages before the main boss, with the already existing monsters. Infernal Mode would be the pattern we know of, but the monsters would have some additions, such as random attributes and sub bosses and aura bosses with random effects as well. - And according to the difficulty the reward would improve; - The number of times to go would be divided among the three difficulties; - I think it would be interesting to create specific missions for the Hero Dungeon.
  12. Happy

    Achievement Suggestions

    Can I leave some ideas too? I'll leave it as you did too. For adventure mode: - Defeat Bermeshia bosses (x) times - Defeat Silver Land bosses (x) times - Defeat Ellia bosses (x) times - Defeat Xenia bosses (x) times - Defeat Alcubra bosses (x) times - Defeat Archmedia bosses (x) times - Defeat events missions bosses (x) times - Complete Bermeshia missions in less than (5) minutes (x) times - Complete Silver Land missions in less than (5) minutes (x) times - Complete Ellia missions in less than (5) minutes (x) times - Complete Xenia missions in less than (5) minutes (x) times - Complete Alcubra missions in less than (5) minutes (x) times - Complete Archmedia missions in less than (5) minutes (x) times - Finish missions receiving at most (x) attacks from monsters (x) times For the characters: - Use special skills (x) times - Use special skills MP1 (x) times - Use special skills MP2 (x) times - Use special skills MP3 (x) times - Use supreme skills (x) times - Use Gems (x) times - Strengthen Necklaces and / or Anklets (x) times - Sell equipment (x) times - Buy equipment (x) times - Socket cards (x) times - Remove cards (x) times - Feed pets (x) times - Use mascot attack (x) times - Build equipment (x) times - Deconstruct equipment (x) times - Complete quests (x) times - Open 'Armor Gacha' or 'Coordi Gacha' (x) times Others: - Mark the diary (x) times - Open chests (x) times
  13. Hello guys! One more suggestion, but this time something simple yet very important that needs an Up! Necklaces and anklets are nothing more than visual accessories, so most of the time they are very unnecessary. My idea is to give them more utility, but in a more particular way. When reaching the maximum level of fortification the necklaces and anklets would be able to add other effects. To do so, the UI (something simple) would be incremented or reformulated, which would be a new tab or in which the player would add this random effect (also with gems). The effects would be several, but each effect would vary randomly. It can be: Bad, Good, Great and Perfect. The idea is also that the effects are different things from the existing attributes, here are some ideas: % Reduction of special skills waiting time % damage to special abilities % combo damage HP Absorption MP Absorption % Movement speed % Attack Speed % Increase in Jump % Ignore Defense And others that you may have ideas. Another very important thing is the aesthetics of some necklaces. I found an image that shows that some effects have been changed by KoG (apparently) with the change of seasons. Some current necklaces have the very ugly effects, especially the older ones: Necklace of Fire, Ice, Darkness, Light, Thunder, Wind, Love, Roses (there's more?) But the suggestion is that they be renewed. In terms of how it looks in some characters, and the effect when attacking as well. That's all for now!
  14. The birthday potion is great, but some characters do not benefit that much. The potion is great for MP characters, but for the AP it does not add as much. MPs can use skills by pressing Z, so MP recovery enhanced by potion helps a lot. However the APs are not so much benefited. My suggestion is to add a cooldown reduction on % of skill (except supreme) every 3 seconds for the potion. It would be interesting to create other potions besides the birthday potion that gave the efficiency of reducing skills cooldown.
  15. Happy

    Characters Reformulation

    Updated to English´╗┐