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  1. Happy

    New Pet Attacks

    I have come up with some ideas for side attacks from mascots, not everyone, just gacha mascots, continental ones and some that are unique. Feel free to change or adapt as needed. [Madeleine] (Plate Throw): Launches several dishes diagonally. (Medium range) (Multihits) [Mary Jane] (Electronic Pumps): Throw several bombs into the air and use your weapon to blow them up. (Medium range) (Multi hits) [Havoc] (Tornado of Fire): Creates a large tornado of fire and throws it forward. (Long range) (Multihits) [Abigdon] (Sonic Howl): Go forward and howl by dropping sonic waves around you. (Long range) (Multihits) [DK-MARK3] (Electron Beam): Uses its antenna to send a signal to the satellite that conjures a lightning bolt on up to 10 enemies of the map regardless of distance. (One hit) (The lower the number of enemies the greater the damage, the higher the number of enemies the less damage). [Nerissa] (Bubble Rebound): Creates a large bubble that bounces off enemies. (???) (One hit) [Claudia]: No idea. [Kaze'doggeh]: No idea [Thanny Boys]: No idea [Chester] (Burst of Letters): Opens his hat by releasing a burst of cards. (Long range) (Multihits) [Winky] (Loving You): It creates several hearts in the air joining and exploding creating a heart. (Long range) (Multihits) [Ariel] (Wind Impetuous): Creates two large tornadoes (left and right) the distance they follow for the character. (Long range) (Multihits) [Sellion]: No idea [Killian Knight] (Sharp Pointer): Looses several pointers in a straight line. (Long range) (Multihits) [Aero Kitty] (Air Bombing): Advances through the sky in a straight line dropping several bombs. (One hit) [Sleuthhound] (Explosive Evidence): Throws several sheets of paper into the air that explode next. (Medium range) (Multi hits) [Clara] (Ballet Jumping): Gives a great leap forward that raises up enemies. (Medium range) (One hit) [Rexion] (Explosive Sphere): Use your mouth to create an explosive sphere for a few seconds and explode at last. (Medium range) (Multi hits) [Victorius OMG] (Brutal Charge): Uses the hammer to hit him on the ground causing a wave of power. (Medium range) (One hit) [Monny Darko] (Brutal Punch): Fast forward punching straight. (Medium range) (One hit) [Rutherford] (Scarlet Blade): Summons a sword in the sky that causes an explosion to hit the ground. (Cause damage even in the air) (One hit) [Kungji the younger] (Leaves Tornado): Creates a tornado of leaves. (Medium range) (Multi hits) [Bitty Perry] (Dark Orbs): Summons several orbs that chase down enemies. (One hit) [Sirius]: No idea [Purttos]: No idea [Rencia] (Celestial Staff): Summons a staff of the sky that falls to the ground causes damage to enemies and creates a zone that protects allies for a few seconds. (The staff does damage even in the air) (Medium range) (One hit) [Keter] (Holy Ground): Knock your paws on the ground creating a strong light. (Long range) (Multi hits) [Corledia] (Purifying Waters): Creates an effect on the character's feet that increases your HP recovery, protects you against debuffs (including slowness) while dealing damage to nearby enemies. (The difference of this is that it only protects a character) (Short range) (Multi hits) [Ordo Squad]: No idea [KOG B] (Technological Artillery): Creates portals that release lasers that chase down enemies. (Long range) (Multi hits) [Annie and Momo] (Rain of Momo's): Creates a portal in the sky that causes several Momo dolls to fall. (Medium range) (Multi hits) [Princeon]: Same as Rexion. [Dark Nightmare] (Nightmare): Summons various spirits that chase the monsters. (Long range) (Multi hits) [Dokaebi King] (Bizarre): Dress the mask and leap forward creating a scarlet circle while the face of the mask appears. (Medium range) (One hit) [Sia]: No idea [Rui] (Tea Time): Rui opens a portal with his magical key to set up a tea party,sending out multiple teaware in the meantime. (Medium range) (Multi hits) [Devillion]: No idea [Aslan] (Ascending Force): Skips to the sky descending diagonally causing damage to the monsters, and grounding causes an impact. (One hit) [Archangel] (Lightning Storm): Summons several spokes around you for a few seconds (similar to your second mount attack on Elsword). (Long range) (Multi hits) [Raven]: No idea
  2. Thanks for the comment @Ikta. I think my idea is crazy, but I still suggest it anyway. I just think the MP characters are very limited. I was joking a bit in Photoshop and it came to me another idea. From turning MPs into AP / Hybrids as well. The weapons would continue, as I said on the topic, but what would change is that the player could carry special abilities of any class (if obtained). Just as Lupus uses abilities with other weapons, however its main weapon is only one. What would be different about the current MPs would be that they would continue with the combos and could switch weapons to make the desired combo, but the special abilities would be free as long as you were loading in the slot. I'm going to leave what I was doing here. What's more, ST would be simpler and easier to understand.
  3. The idea is to change the weapons exchange of the MP characters, continuing all types of weapons, but in the inventory would only count as one. I will give some examples for better understanding. [Inventory] Lire's main weapon would be like 'Bow'. When on mission, the player can switch to other weapons, with no need to equip in the inventory slot (the inventory slot would be removed). Other examples of major weapons: Elesis - Sword Arme - Scepter Ronan - Sword [Gacha] In Gacha, all MP characters would only have one weapon to conquer, but making it clear, class weapons (2nd, 3rd and 4th) would not cease to exist. [Choice of room pose] It would be elaborated a small design in which the player could choose the pose of class to visualize in room (we know that many like it and to retire would be cruel, then there is an exit not to lose the idea only by poses). The player could choose according to the class obtained. The class chosen would be the one to begin the fight. For the [PvP] would be the same, the difference is that the exchange of weapons during PvP would not be possible (more information below). [Test of class] Class tests would continue normally. [Dungeon example] The player can switch with the same 'Ctrl' key to the desired weapon. (Remember that all weapons would still exist, but only visible in room pose, dungeon and PvP) (In the case of visual inventory, if the player conquers a visual weapon from a MP character, he will conquer all at once. I really think that's fair compared to the AP / Hybrid characters) Here's an example of how you could stay in the game: [Some important observations!] - When the player changes weapons, the MP is zeroed, and the MP of the other weapon is paralyzed. - In [PvP] the design would appear, however only as active the weapon being used, the other weapons would be as disabled and as a lock. I believe this will bring a lot of good things, especially the difference between the AP / MPs in the issue of owning all visual weapons.
  4. The Madness Closet consists of being a window inside game where the player will be able to try out the items before being sure in acquiring. At the same time the player can create sets and give names to them, accessing them later if you want. All equipment and visuals would be in this system. I have prepared a few examples of how this could be implemented in the game. (Do not look too hard, they're just examples). 1. Main window where the player can search for items and create their visuals: 1.1 After creating your set the player can save by giving a name to the set. Example: Ley_White. 1.2 The player can access the visual sets already created, open or remove them: That is all!
  5. Hello guys! Today I come to bring you an idea that will improve the quests of the continental missions in 100% (I believe). Currently some players face many difficulties with the quests, either to complete (???) or to activate. With this idea the quests would be fixed by each mission, without the need to activate through the button. This idea came from Grand Chase Mobile, which consists of fixed quests for each mission. The quests appear all together, and greatly increase the difficulty of the mission. Letting the player's choice complete all at the same time, or one at a time. So there would be 6 types of quests: [Quest Vitality/Defense], [Quest Attack/Combo], [Quest Attack/Special Skill], [Quest Time], [Quest Rank] and [Quest others] (6 types) Within these 6 types there would be other standard missions, but you (Staff) would decide according to the mission. [Quest Vitality/Defense] Receive up to 'X' attacks by monsters Do not receive any attacks End without kill [Quest Attack/Combo] Accumulate 'X' attacks during combo Accumulate 'X' back attacks [Quest Attack/Special Skill] Use up to 'X' special abilities Do not use special skills [Quest of Time] Finish in less than 'X' minutes [Rank's Quest] Conquer SS Rank [Others] Use up to 'X' pet attacks Do not use pet attacks Use up to 'X' potions Do not use potions The rewards would also be standard according to the type of quest, for example, in the quests of potions, the player would gain consumables. Here's an example I made of how it would look in the game. These missions would not appear on the list. Only in this part of the room. To know about the rewards the player could hover the mouse above the mission and see the rewards of items and EXP. When finished, the completed symbol will appear and the 'Done' button will appear green. Thus, the player could get the rewards. When the player gets the rewards, the space would remain there as completed. That is all!
  6. Happy

    Attack Speed

    Do you say add this attribute to the list? I agree, it has even been suggested.
  7. I believe that developing a system in which the player can customize the necklace / ankle would be better, because if each necklace / ankle was already something specific, the player would be required to wear a necklace / ankle with desired attributes, but visual effects would not.
  8. Happy

    Reverse NERF characters...

    I understand this question of Lire, and it involves many things, because his concept of archer is completely flawed in Grand Chase. Dio in fact needs more utilities, I have made a reformulation for him, but the topic is in PT-BR (I intend to put in English). But he does need a difficulty, when I say that, I talk about more elaborate ideas that lead players to think and learn to use the character, not just to press a key. I like Arme and in fact some things in it need improvement, especially the third-class combo, it's totally meaningless, actually there's no combo. I play Edel and I have one at level 85. The fact that it is difficult to attack certain monsters as nuclei, I would say normal. However, Edel might have other things to help her catch the monsters. So in this case it's a character matter. Some characters have more facility than others in hitbox combo issue. Edel no matter how difficult it is, when he can get some monsters he deals a great damage easily. - On the whole I would say that there needs to be more patience for changes like these, because the Staff is aware that it is super necessary, but we need to demonstrate understanding and that everything can not be done when we want, because there are other things besides that need to be seen as well. For example the continent missions. It is no use changing the characters and not changing the continent missions, a server can not survive only from event missions. What's more, they've already taken a giant step in balancing the characters.
  9. Happy

    Reverse NERF characters...

    Honestly I do not believe some characters need a nerf reverse. Dio for example was a ridiculously unbalanced character about others. With extreme ease of play and damage, becoming the most used character by only owning a special ability that can be used without limits. What the characters really need is difficulty, and in this difficulty the damage is compensated. That is, they need systems more worked according to their concepts. As much as many characters have this and I know (Lire) the Staff is already working at its maximum, it is and was already aware of such needs. However there is not only this to be done in the game. So we need to be more patient.
  10. I've worked out some ideas for possible new necklaces, anklets and other things. [Winter Kit] [Summer Kit] [Nightmare Circus Kit] [Night Kit] [Others] [Other concepts I did not elaborate]
  11. Happy

    Systems Renew

    I agree! The game needs a review on the evolution progress of the characters, so that the fun is not only at the end game. For many who arrive on the server, which sometimes comes from other places is tiring the process already passed many times. And I know many who do not want to play because they think will need to face everything again that is already annoying.
  12. I do not know if all players have the same feeling about class quests. But most Brazilian players find the missions very boring, and many like me imagine advancing a character simply because of the class mission. The missions are already very old, undergoing a reformulation, but still they become masses. Even because repetition is not difficult, and today the current class assignments have no difficulty whatsoever. So the suggestion is this, to reformulate the class missions. I wrote some ideas. [Tests for the MP characters] [Test for AP characters / Hybrids]
  13. I really wanted a snowflake necklace like Frozen Elsa Well, I'll look forward to this little project.
  14. I will leave here only a few ideas for who knows in the future you use. New visual packages based on: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. This idea was based on fairies, especially from Disney's Tinker Bell. Other 3 concepts would be: Sun, Moon and Stars. So the mascots could be fairies, I think they would be very beautiful because they are easy concepts to win the players. If in the future you come to do caprichem on hair, wings and weapons. Or maybe create a story and do an event mission based on this concept: fairies.
  15. [Introduction] The idea is to separate the talent tree into ST of PvP and PvE. Currently this already exists, but not visible (only damage?). But still, with this idea that I will describe there will be more things that will be very good! [Objects] - This will completely separate PvP from PvE. - Removing some limitations of the characters for the PvE. (As currently some characters can not get full ST because they would not be very strong, like Dio, Zero, Ley ...) - Remove or not add things that could not be added in the ST because of PvP. [Positive points] - Leave the most private modes. - Improve the diversity of characters for PvE, making it even easier to balance and create new things. [Negative points] - Players will be more separated (maybe) (This is not exactly a problem for me because I do not really like PvP, and I do not like being forced to go either, I'm just going with friends, and many PvP players do not like PvE either) [How it would work in the game] When opening the ST, the player will come across the first window before seeing the tree. In this window the player can choose which ST to open. ST (PvP): Focused for PvP. Here the talents and abilities are limited by points. In this ST the player would already start with all the maximum points, except for the classes. So for him not to need to go to the missions, specific quests would be created to release the ST PvP classes. Example: [GP] Harbinger Mission - Ley (ST PvP) ST (PvE): Focused on PvE. Here all talents are free, no need for points. Combos are already fixed by class, but special, active and passive skills need levels, as well as classes. In this case the ST of PvE would be redone to get something in order of increasing by level and all of single level. [Example] As I said, not everything would fit into the two STs. Things like for example, the things I created on the topic of reformulation, would not fit into the PvP ST. In terms of training and talent position, all of this would be different. Summing up; ST (PvP) limited by points, ST (PvE) limited by level only. And obviously the PvP ST would not work on PvE at all. And the same for PvE. I hope you have given to understand.