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    [Ended]Date A GM - Poetry

    " The Light " By: ItzNeji Created 2:12AM EST This poem Is for ( GM Rivia )! It seems dark on the end of this part. Is it because the light doesn't shine this far? Its far from love when its cold at night. Look up above, but down enough you see the light doesn't shine that bright. In the middle of nowhere, by the sea you're there! I don't believe My eyes can see Its not a dream I swear!! In the heart that finds out where we,re at the start so we stop and stair. My dear Valentine now here's the light that shines everywhere!!! File of my rough draft attached! I really hope you enjoy this "GM Rivia" The Light.rtf
  2. ItzNeji

    Pet lezlei

    ItzNeji here! I have an issue with a Vp item I brought for 300Vp. It was Pet Lezlie's wing costume when i try to equip it to her it says "Error No such pet exists"??? i don't know what else to do. I would appreciate if someone "GM" could let me know the issue Thank you!!
  3. ItzNeji

    My Key Bindings

    Yes! I've been playing with the normal now that I got semi used to it, so it's not a problem at all sir! Thank you for getting back to me!!
  4. ItzNeji

    My Key Bindings

    I don't know if anyone think it's not a big problem, but it kinda is to me that i can't avert it back to my custom keyboard layout. If anyone knows how to fix that it wont let me change it back please inform
  5. So i now started having this problem where i cant put my keys back to how i had them. Help plz!