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  1. I don't like Arme in dungeons, really. The hard floors should be spiderbots, sand ruler, possibly shovel/bombers, forest of life, and Grandiel. Hera are not really that hard. If you work right to left or vice versa and don't use any map wide AoE, you only deal with one at a time. Hierophants are not that bad. You should be able to do 2 at a time, and when you can get them into the corners, they're usually not too much of a nuisance.
  2. bullion wise, you earn more value getting the box > farming 3 coins per run. As mentioned, farming 28, you get 90 in 5 days, so you earn 5 more scrolls and other goodies if you ran to 30 for the box instead. ToE=Tower of Extinction
  3. there is a GP prop selection form, which is very rare, and also a regular(cash items) selection form, which is less rare, but almost useless. Regarding the GP random resets, you also get some off events, and assuming you complete wizard'z 30, you earn: 10+20+30+30(from box)= 90 bullions in 30/6=5 days + 5 GP randoms(from box)= 90/30=3+5=8 GP scrolls per character every 5 days. You start with 4 characters, so it's totally possible to earn 32+ scrolls per week. Let's say you can't do Wizard 30, you can still roll 28 for 3 per char per 5 days, or 12 for 4 chars. During circus and train events, you get to roll free relic 70's gear to help boost your character to be able to do said runs/ToE(D), and these events are usually spaced at most 2 weeks apart. We just had that annoying minigame, rock, paper, scissors, and if you played that, you would have gotten some. If you really can't roll gear, you're not working hard enough.
  4. no, there never had been customization except for ST in practice mode, but occasionally, I'm pretty sure they changed the outfit, and I believe a GC necklace, probably during some special event or promo or something. I want to see Lire arrows and junk though. Not sure if other chars also have char specific effects or not with necklaces. I'll take wat I can get though, if you could make something, it'd be appreciated.
  5. I want to see effects. Or, wat if they were made available in practice mode somehao? I know they had GC necklace there sometimes.
  6. that's making it too complicated. If you just want to do a level 1 challenge, you can always jump a new account and you have three level 1 characters you can do that with. =3
  7. a good ring and good cards can both be farmed at the same non-event dungeon, and it can be done at level 50(or lower)
  8. packor

    Rufus skill set up

    his strongest special is expunge, but that's one of the last skills you can get... Make it Rain and Howling Gale are your AoE specials. Bloody Gust is...decent Honestly, most of the specials are about the same in terms of damage though. If you want some more spam, you can include some techniques such as shatter and crescent sweep. I don't know which 4th is better.
  9. yes, but it doesn't make a lot of sense to come back when you're overstat. That makes for bad practice, and it wouldn't make the runs consistent when you use the same stats to do the quest on the last dungeon, or the last dungeon being too difficult because it followed the same scaling.
  10. It doesn't seem very attainable at the proper level. My Amy just barely makes 2 minutes at 17k TA, Siren, but not all characters are equal either. My Elesis at 18k TA has no problems. However, around that level, your TA would be around 8k if well geared. Seems to take about 2:30 to clear on a very good run on a "better" character while not getting hit at the same time for that SS. Also, I'd mention that I am decent at the obstacle stages(even before they became cakewalk), and that would be a factor for some people that have more trouble with them.
  11. Prt Scrn is not saving pictures to my screenshot folder. Tried Prt Scrn and F12. My key is working because it is appearing in my clipboard.
  12. Jumped character (Lime) had to go all the way back and "Experience" all the preceding dungeons starting from trial forest in order to get any quests to appear. Elesis was able to access Gaikoz quest, but no quests appeared for Gorgos' dungeon until after relog/did Lime quests/looked at previous dungeons(none of which had anything new)...(not sure which was the fix). The quest appeared without having to click acquire mission as if it was there all along. Edel was able to access Gaikoz quest, but the acquire mission button for Gorgos' dungeon does not work, even after relog/did Lime quests/looked at previous and latter dungeons up to Gaikoz (none of which had anything new)/ran the dungeon once. To clarify: I got Lime's and Elesis's to work, but Edel is still bugged. Picture of bug with button depressed
  13. Progress bar showing completed and can't claim or progress towards character slot.
  14. it's more like thief basic attack moves you forward, and you phase into the mob body, so even if mob is using a forward attack you still get hit.
  15. remember that Total Eclipse event that wouldn't give us boxes sometimes, and the boxes later appeared in another character's inventory? I just unlocked Lass today and immediately had 2 of them in his inventory.