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  1. TheNoobie

    0xc0000005 application error after windows update

    Thank you very much sadly i cannot do any system restore anymore the restoration point was removed and theres nothing i can do.. I guess i will wait.. Thanks. or.. ill just use VMware and play GCM inside there thanks and maybe soon GCM will support the latest version of windows 10
  2. Hi is there any way or any of your way to fix this error after i update my windows 10 from 1803 to 1809 this error started.. please can you update the main.exe to support this version of windows 10? Thanks the application error code is 0xc0000005
  3. TheNoobie

    Error at main.exe

    Please how to fix this error? Thanks
  4. TheNoobie

    Proof of the Laggy Server

    Please... make a poll about making asia server again. Thanks
  5. TheNoobie


    Exactly but much intense now
  6. TheNoobie

    Proof of the Laggy Server

    Ok as of now... I actually made an experiment well all of us inside the game experienced this.. All I can say is that this is actually server side lag problem.. I only take Screenshots at PVP. Dungeon is next.. I am hoping that theres a solution to this. because before the update no one experience this kind of lag which kinda annoying.. GrandChase20181127_180514.BMP GrandChase20181127_180506.BMP GrandChase20181127_180345.BMP GrandChase20181127_180343.BMP GrandChase20181127_180341.BMP GrandChase20181126_155550.BMP
  7. TheNoobie

    Some abnormalities

    I experienced all of this.. Please look forward to this GMs. Thanks
  8. TheNoobie


    Yes if possible...
  9. TheNoobie


    I am talking about the ping even though we got a green ping it still laggy but the lag become sever after the update.. before the update the i didn't experienced this.. Even we go to the Asian server the lag still persist... We are both asian when we tried the asia server to pvp but it still the same while having a full green ping. That's a confidential IGN...
  10. Please fix the severe lag of the servers. It made the game more laggy after the custom client. Before the update the game work just fine but after the update the lag become worst. much worst than before. and can I suggest to convert the default server to asia? Coz there are actually 80% of the players which are from asia.. Thanks for bringing back the Grand Chase. Love you all GMs and developers!!!
  11. Hey.. uhmmm. I just want to suggest about this skill of Rin Dawn 3rd job to be changed in pvp and dungeon. I think this is the most useless skill for Rin at both. The skill is limited only to some monster and for the pvp you are actually sending the enemy away from the battlefield without any effect at all. it is just like sieghart where you actually giving the enemy immunity? Isnt that ironic? helping your enemy?