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  1. SevenDeadlySin

    Obsidian Hero Costume

    Hello i would like to report the new costume for character obsidian hero when i choose on lass it come like a Equipment item and cant use it
  2. hello its been a week since i reported that bug but it still isnt fixed the stats doesnt show to other player its only visible on your screen
  3. SevenDeadlySin

    Stats Bug

    still no reply ......
  4. SevenDeadlySin

    Achievements Rankings

    Hello is it possible to add achievements rankings? there is a player that is very obsessed on his/her achivements and please add gacha sealed on archievemnts on how many gacha got.
  5. SevenDeadlySin

    Stats Bug

    I think its because of the reinforcement on the weapon Crit Atk dmg 10% isnt showing
  6. SevenDeadlySin

    Stats Bug

    Im not sure if its a bug but on my screen my mari total atk is 300k+ i asked my friend to check my stats but it appears its only 295k + i asked again my other friends and they said its really only 295k+ ronan n my arme is also 300k+ stats but they also see it 295k+ stats only on my screen n my friend screenshot the only stats missing is on the crit atk dmg 10%
  7. SevenDeadlySin

    Voice Packs

    Any BulkFileChanger version is fine?
  8. SevenDeadlySin


    Thanks now its fix i tried other .dll
  9. SevenDeadlySin

    zero dominaton face floating for 3 weeks now

    i thought zero domation when the face only show is only bugged on me
  10. SevenDeadlySin


    it started when i insert .dll for windows 10 the login screen is black now but when i remove the .dll it turn back to normal but its laggy
  11. SevenDeadlySin


    LauncherError appeared after the blackscreen on the login screen i cant event login my account ..
  12. SevenDeadlySin

    Special Gacha

    Aaah i see im gonna wait for it thank you
  13. SevenDeadlySin

    Special Gacha

    i just saw that from other server
  14. SevenDeadlySin

    Special Gacha

    Is it possible to create gacha roulette like this? with unique prize ? so more player gonna donate or others can spend their vp? New Bitmap Image.bmp
  15. SevenDeadlySin

    hungry pets revolt

    im not sure if its a bug or not because me and my friend finish a run on hungry pets revolt the foods left that time is only 2 pcs but the system gave me 13 coins and my friend got the same amount of it please fix it Thank you