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  1. mk245154

    [Monthly] The Fashionista Chaser #2

    IGN: Soligative Description: Vermilion Vampire Item List: Helm: Vermillion Gladiator Head Upper Armor:Prizefighter's upper armor Lower Armor: Baldr Lower armor Gloves: Invisible glove Shoes: Elite Roman's shoes Cloak: Vampire cloak Circlet: Vampire Crown Mask: bubble gum Wings: Dog Star wings Stompers: None Shields: None Weapon : Berkas sleaghgrim
  2. mk245154

    warehouse Glitched

    Sorry to ask, So my cordi wi'll be back ? or it won't .
  3. mk245154

    [Monthly] The Fashionista Chaser

    IGN : Soligative Descrpition : Crimson Red-head Emperor
  4. mk245154

    warehouse Glitched

    Kounat's Shadowy costume 2 pieces chroma cordi armor 2 pieces chevalier costume set 134 pieces
  5. mk245154

    warehouse Glitched

    Yes , I restart the game and relog for 2 days after this happened. But , they are still lost from my warehouse.
  6. mk245154

    warehouse Glitched

    when I change character to lire. It show this and after I opened warehouse It was shown an DIO's Inventory and after I moved my costume to inventory and relog it. After I bring back to warehouse they are stacked , and after i relog again . My costumes are gone like this If u don't trust me u can check in my account log , pls help me (Sorry to forgot screenshots when it's stacked time)