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  1. Happy Anniversary, cannot miss the chance to greet GCM and its great success. IGN: Mercurial Amigo's IGN: Alyschu
  2. Dave

    Updating main.exe stuck

    hey there, try this: delete your main.exe from the gcm folder, then restart your pc, then open updater.exe (run as admin) from the gcm folder as well, wait for it to finish
  3. Dave

    No game?

    ok, first, delete main.exe from the gcm folder, then restart your pc/laptop, finally, open the file updater.exe from the gcm folder with admin privileges. (right-click + run as admin)
  4. Dave

    Decreased Range of Rufus skills?

    nah soul shackles is supposed to be like that, same for howling gale
  5. Dave

    Sieghart's Explosive Gladiator Coordi

    hi, sorry for the inconvenience but atm there are several items that have pricing issues, a future update regarding the coordishop revamp will be implemented. we all have to wait for it patiently. staff has made incredible progress and i think the revamp isn't that far. another possibility is that they will fix the prices before the actual revamp. either way, let's all hope everything goes well.
  6. oh no... it's retarded
  7. Dave

    Nurse Tammy

    im currently facing the same issue, ill let you know when and how it's going to get fixed.
  8. Dave

    [Question] Attendance points

    staff would think about that, high chance it's no but, we'll never know.
  9. Dave

    Uninstall executable

    you can just delete the whole folder if you want, Registries will be automatically removed by Windows at its next automated maintenance. and it certainly won't affect your new installation.
  10. Dave

    Attendance (Bug?)

    the attendance calendar mark and daily stamp feature is character-separated as well. That means you'll have to check the attendance for EACH character you have, which also means a minimum of 30 mins spent on each character.
  11. Dave

    Yo yo!

    hi there! welcome to GCM. feels good to see another fellow dungeoneer. you joined in the right time because there's an event rotation. lots of people will be playing. there are still quite a few bugs present in the game, and i want to emphasize the specific bug that crashes the park, which is something you need to access guilds. but i can assure you that the staff is working hard to fix these asap, and that they are one of the greatest i've seen, from the admin, to our great scripters, event host and moderator.. and if you still haven't btw, i'd like to invite you to the official GCM discord, where you can get realtime support, and talk with lots of other players. we hope you enjoy your stay here, goodluck
  12. Dave

    server is offline ?

    no eta, but they're just testing the game themselves to find critical issues before deploying it to the rest of the player base. just a few hours.
  13. Dave


    hey there, welcome in this growing server. there are many players here (thought not active in the forums) and we're happy to see more joining. There are lots of people from around the globe that will help us play and get stronger characters on top of having a good staff that care for us. Feel free to help people sometime in-game when you become stronger. BTW i also don't like pvp, for the same reason as you lol. So goodluck then, and we hope you enjoy your stay here.

  15. Dave

    Question about Rutherford Pet

    i'd suggest Rutherford for Dio since it restores AP. Idk if Kungji pet restores ap but it definitely has good damage and MP regen. Not as good as the gacha pets tho. if you dont have the means to get devillion pet from the gacha, i strongly recommend rutherford instead.