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    [Monthly] The Fashionista Chaser #2

    IGN: BeefPro Coordi Name: The Demi-Human Hero Item List: Helmet: Bloodless Hair Upper Armor: Noir Shirt Lower Armor: Jeans Gloves: Club Fashion Watch Shoes: Requiem Shoes Cloak: Clear Cloak Circlet: Sheep Horns Mask: Noir Sunglasses Wings: Emissionary Harkion's Wings Stompers: Orca's Kitty Bell Shield: Clear Shields Weapon: Ebon Inferno Blood Dancer
  2. BloodDancer8


    Hello guys, why do i can't equip the phantom phoenix equipment (Lv. 80) when i have the blacksmith protection. I am currently level 74, the description on the blacksmith protection says that "blacksmith protection allows the user to equip armors that is +10 levels higher than the character's current level". Is it a bug? i'm trying to equip the level 80 equipment so that i can boost myself but apparently, i can't equip those phantom phoenix. Thanks for the answer in advance.
  3. BloodDancer8

    Erudon's Sword (Ronan)

    thanks! got it now.
  4. BloodDancer8

    Erudon's Sword (Ronan)

    Why i can't enable the Erudon's Sword of my ronan 1st job. its C + up right? i did try it in practice mode too, but it can't enable, is it a bug? before the patch, its working well.
  5. BloodDancer8

    Epic Gold Milthril Bar

    gee thanks! i knew it will be so valuable!
  6. BloodDancer8

    Epic Gold Milthril Bar

    What is the use of this, or how to use this? sorry i'm a newbie so i don't know how to use this, seems like its really important item.
  7. BloodDancer8

    Modification attempt detected

    It worked! Thanks a lot!
  8. BloodDancer8

    Modification attempt detected

    can someone please help me how to fix this? i just played a couple of hours ago then i shut down my laptop, then after an hour i patched the launcher again then this message always popping whenever i click start. How can i fix this? i'm clicking the repair button then it will patch again then when i click play again it will show the same message again and again. Please help me how to fix this anyone.
  9. BloodDancer8

    about mini game devotee ticket

    What is the use of mini game devotee ticket guys? can you tell me? i got one but i don't know what is the use of this. thanks in advance!