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  1. Khada Jhin

    BIngo Quiz

    I'm little bit curious about that minigame is that minigame were possible on gcm ? since last day I saw some GM question while pvp event
  2. Khada Jhin

    Suggested PvE builds for Zero?

    for passive OS and SS till 4th job another one just Dimensional Fissure (4th job with stance) I think that is the main for pve build also grandark domination (3rd job) it help a lot on dungeon if possible with enhance from 4th job which give you nearly "Undying" zero
  3. Khada Jhin

    monthly reward

    what happen with new monthly reward ? some people can't obtain it, also happen to me I also checked on discord, some of them had no clue what happen
  4. Khada Jhin

    Lucky gacha fortune

    when I played another server there are some lucky gacha fortune minigame on them, so, when will that minigame live on this server ?
  5. Khada Jhin

    new dungeon

    whaat about trial forest or trial tower ?? they had no Champion mode on it there's a lot few dungeon can be exploit more since they bring CC update don't say that it just for newbie and they've had no any value anymore
  6. Khada Jhin

    enhance scroll

    the main ideas not to get +17 easier sometime like minigame by fusing some enhance scroll for much better item for example like blitz pet fusing which can get shadow blitz king not just for +17
  7. Khada Jhin

    enhance scroll

    can you make some event where we fusing some enhance scroll ?? which one had opportunity to get +17 or something worth
  8. Khada Jhin

    new dungeon

    since on bermesiah just for low lvl dungeon, how about make some "Hard Mode" on them... maybe it sounds dumb, but some old player missed how hard to lvling on old day GC, so I'm hoping for that too
  9. Khada Jhin

    evolution pet

    to be honest, MP gain from evolution pet were suck asf, even after upgrade like slime, sidt pepe and other can you buff them a little bit it's like no worth at all for evolution them for AP still good depend on glyph
  10. Khada Jhin

    monthly reward

    so, I was clear my monthly attendance.... but I can not claim my reward I also try on other account and it's work any ideas why this happen to me ?? PS. if I choose empty box will be force DC GrandChase20181201_025017.BMP GrandChase20181201_025021.BMP GrandChase20181201_025025.BMP
  11. Khada Jhin


    as far as I know, we only meet Duel/Void on Thunder Hammer/ Angry boss and we don't actually fight agains him Is there any Ideas to bring Duel as "Real Boss" instead just a "Random Dimensional Traveler" ??
  12. Khada Jhin


    since I found out there is Dota Theme on music folder, Is there any dungeon that she appeared or maybe will appear ??
  13. Khada Jhin

    old days items

    is there any ideas to bring back some old days item from earlier season ??? the only one I know just Kaze'aze Healing ball
  14. Khada Jhin

    about pet

    1 more, is there any possible that will be some event where we can made another pet by ourself like event on minidoll ?
  15. Khada Jhin

    about pet

    is there any plan for adding other dungeon pet ?? or any upgrade skill maybe evolution too