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  1. edel 3rd job interface is alrd designed in gc wikia tho, but because they alrd close it, it never get implemented. not sure whether our version would be the same or different?
  2. korja

    Pet skill & costume

    from dually chest box from AB or you can forge it
  3. korja


    yes, but apparantly it wont charge the gauge, i cant manually unequip pet attack either GrandChase20191031_011817.BMP GrandChase20191031_011820.BMP
  4. korja


    cant recover pet gauge
  5. there is a certain box card which includes monster cards with highest stats possible for certain slot of armour
  6. korja

    Rufus skill set up

    make it rain can cover up to 2 platform up, cresent sweep is best 2nd bar, rest is random actually.
  7. known bugs idk whether its already intended to be fixed or not
  8. korja

    Where to farm gate ores?

    try avoid item drop if you have limited item slot since champ mode will likely increase the drop rate of normal item
  9. korja

    Where to farm gate ores?

    outer wall of serdin ofc
  10. korja

    Black Serpent Accesories

    Im sure they had it on kching shop?
  11. korja

    seal breaker

    anyone of moderator willing to reply this? thanks
  12. korja

    seal breaker

    my seal breaker gacha is bugged ign: younaughty thanks in advance
  13. korja

    Minigame devotee ticket

    stage 3 RPS = 1 tickets stage 5 RPS = 2 tickets Water baloon ticket worth 3 each ok guess what i got extra 3 ticket alrd after finnishing my 10 tickets yesterday
  14. seriously what is the chance of obtaining it from RPS mini game coz it really bugs me
  15. korja

    uno blood flower

    is it bug or intended, the dps wears off when the hp is not fully depleted