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  1. Silvata

    [Suggestion] GP random reset scroll

    Random Prop Reset Form - randomly changes all props on a cash equipment. (seal breaker armor set, equips available in k-ching shop, some event items like Eclipse & Transcendence) GP Random Prop Reset Form - randomly changes all props on a GP equipment. (all gp shop items, all dungeon sets like warrior saint or true iron dragon, event dungeon sets like nightmare circus) Single Property Scroll - randomly changes 1 prop of your choice on any equipment. (iirc) GP Prop Reset Form - manually select the props you want on a GP equipment.
  2. well i did made a few vids some time ago showing all the necklace effects on arme's Deep Impact: Wind Necklace ~ All Hallows' Eve Necklace: Unicorn Necklace: Madness 2-Year Anniversary Necklace: Poo Necklace: i've been meaning to remake the vids(add in Meteor too) and compile them into 1 vid, but some of the effects are currently bugged so.... as for other char specific effects, all i can remember is lire's arrows and lass' blade spirit, but ever since they changed blade spirit into single hit, the color change don work on it anymore...(not sure about in pvp tho) i only have a few necklaces for lire so.. Lifeblood Necklace (for some reason nova's arrow turns yellow, not sure if bug or KOG logic): Black Dragon's Blue Necklace (it's the same for red necklace, instead): All Hallows' Eve Necklace (this my favorite, trail of candies): Madness 2-Year Anniversary Necklace (and nova doesnt get the yellow arrows for this .-.): anklets (they just spin round the char): Purrthos' Anklet, Constellation(Zodiac) Anklet, Unicorn Anklet, Black Serpent Anklet (zodiac anklets just have different symbols according to which u have, my arme has virgo) and the rings: Shadows of Ellia Ring, Snowflake Fairy's Ring, Autumn Leaf Fairy's Ring, Natal Ring (technically natal ring is more a consumable than an actual ring, but it has visual effect so....)(also the middle 2 rings are available in k-ching shop, but they're pretty worthless .-.)
  3. don think tats possible since necklace/anklet/ring visual effects only applies in-game (signboards/minidolls/crests too) practice mode doesnt have any equipment customization anyways so don think tat works either (unless they like add the coordi closet to practice mode or something XD) (i've nvr seen practice mode having any necklace effects ever tho .-.) i can show u the visuals if u wan, i gt all necklaces, most of the anklets(1 constellation anklet since they all look the same anyways), and all the rings with a visual effect(i think?) on arme (guard anklet and cash guard anklet don give any visuals iirc, and dimension anklet isnt released yet in gcm)
  4. Silvata

    Awakening set with relic stat

    only dio's awakening set is epic, all other awakening sets are relic. it's cus they havent split dio's set into parts yet like the other awakening sets, so it's still a full body epic coordi set (the weap is relic tho) once they finally split the set, it'll be relic and those tat have the original epic version can trade it in for the split relic version in forge (like wat they did for mari's awakening set)
  5. Silvata

    Cant create new id (need fix please)

    tats literally it. forum account is different from game account, u create an account from tat link above and use tat account to log into the game
  6. Silvata

    Cant create new id (need fix please)

    i guess they forgot to update the links in the client lols, probs still using the old links (same for the forget password button) the correct link is here:
  7. Silvata

    item, pet & character

    all chars have separated inventory, so if u wan a different character to have a certain item, u'll need to transfer it through warehouse
  8. Silvata

    Lass 3rd Skill Error

    it's not a bug, it's a char balance change for dungeon. u can read the char balance sheet here:
  9. Silvata

    Awakening Set for all characters

    1200VP for most chars, 850VP for rin and edel (probably cus theirs have no special effects whatsoever}
  10. Silvata

    Awakening Set for all characters

    It's not a "best set", it's just a coordi set with relic stats, and changes some chars' particles; mostly just recoloring. They give the same stats per piece as coordi SB and sets like EK and tuxedo/magic girl. (also dio's set is still epic cus they're still splitting it.) The set in forge for mari is just for ppl to trade their old version of the set for the newer, split version. Only 14 chars have an awakening set, 12 made by KOG, 2 made by the GCM team. The set is only released around twice per year in k-ching shop during certain events.
  11. Silvata

    Characters Nerfs and Buffs

    tat i really don know lols, u'll need to ask enid/kizuyo for tat if needed tho, heres the jin revamp: and some extra update on tat:
  12. Silvata

    Characters Nerfs and Buffs

    char balance sheet, mostly for dungeon only: tho i think they din update it with the jin revamp, and some other changes (maybe i should make me own version, and include those changes for IS like mari's dangerous test)
  13. Silvata

    Cannot extract file bin setup

    first off, the one from mediafire is an old version of the setup, noted by the date 22nd november 2018 MEGA and googledrive have a newer version (tho it's still kinda old, 20th may 2019) second, not sure if it'll work but try updating your winrar (if it's not already the latest), i've seen b4 ppl unable to extract the setup cus they're using older versions of winrar (worth a shot i guess)
  14. Silvata

    Character slot ticket

    answer is no, or at least not yet. just keep them for now, wait till they make a trade for other stuff or release a new char. (i currently have 5 extra slots, i would have more if i actually went on to complete each monthly events lol)
  15. Silvata

    How to get more mana pots?

    u can only get the normal MP pots from PPoints shop, and from certain normal dungeon missions (and from some minigames) theres also the guild mp pots but those can only buy 5 per day (the candies from event are pots too, but idk how much they heal)