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  1. Silvata

    [Monthly] The Fashionista Chaser

    IGN: SilvataSekai Description: A Very Bad Day. since ppl love posting full sets, imma just post one tat has each part from a diff set
  2. Silvata

    Monthly Attendance Reward

    yea, it's been bugged for almost 5 months now, they're still trying to fix it
  3. Silvata

    Hell Spear

    works fine on rin as well .-.
  4. Silvata

    Hell Spear

    works fine here ._.
  5. Silvata

    Pet evolve bug?

    i've nvr been able to evolve lilith since her release in GCM, i gt both lilith and lucretia from hero shop during the event
  6. Silvata

    Pet evolve bug?

    i think tat evolution link was removed by kog, no idea y tho, same thing for madeleine all other evolvable pets work fine tho, just the 2 above cant
  7. Silvata


    thread ded again eh.... time to throw in another Set Name: Wendy (Job) Set Estimated Release Date: Season 2 What was the last character you can recall that had this set created for them?: Sieghart (technically Amy, jin/sieg had no resources) Image:
  8. Silvata

    Can we complete the VIP set of Olympus?

    they were goin to add the crown to ksl cus king slime is literally wearing the crown (also the name in en for the crown doesnt match the wings anyways)
  9. Silvata

    Can we complete the VIP set of Olympus?

    no point of it being relic anyways, since it's not a "VIP" thing any more. (it's named "VIP Glittering" in kr tho, en just have some weird naming habits..) also, they were goin to add it as a craftable for king slime land (the crown at least), but it was too late for the event at tat time so they just added it to forge for the time being.
  10. Silvata


    theres nothing in the achievement box yet, tats y it's disabled and u cant open it u can hoard them for now until they add something into it also it wont be GC without the bugs, it's a KOG thing
  11. Silvata

    Mari's Jump

    works fine here. if it's for jobs other than 1st job, u'll need to unequip then re-equip the shared skill after job change for it to affect the newly acquired job.
  12. Silvata

    Quest Conflict

    it's right there... just click the middle box..... lv1 version is called shock field, cus kog's dumb translation between kr and en (like's dio's quest asking for "death seizure" but it's actually called death scythe in en)
  13. Silvata

    Arme suffering from another NERF...

    the phasing aint a nerf, it's a bug. happens to all phasing abilities like jin and elesis' roll
  14. Silvata

    Selectable Jin doll is missing in the Forge

    i see jin minidoll in forge, but not the t-shirt
  15. Silvata

    About 30% Top Up Event

    it's already added in there. the original amount were: