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  1. since GCM didnt bring back the unique version of each char's New Semester Set (probs cus their feet are just too big, and their models are too old), i'll put them all here: only Jin has a weapon for New Semester Set, the rest of the chars dont have it. (the ones above r just wat they had equipped lels) as for the next one....i'll just post a random weapon set here Flare Weapons: i made all the chars invisible so i can SS just the weaps (tat moment when u forgot to remove their faces and u see floating face with weap lels) (u wonder how arme isnt a priest instead when her staff looks more like a mace XD)
  2. imma throw in some nostalgia next i guess... GC School Set: kog updated arme and lass' hair with the newer version (and yes, i know some textures are flipped, tats how they are actually, no idea y kog did tat, i can fix them tho but eh...) and next we have the Accessories of Wrath, or as kGC calls them, the "Accessories to Increase Sales in Taiwan"(at least tats wat google translate told me...): (yes i used elesis again, maybe i should change it up next time....use uno maybe lels)
  3. This is just a thread of me posting all the weird or interesting stuff (probs just equipment and accessories) i found in the game's resources, and modded into GCM. (cus im bored) You can request for a certain old set or accessory if you like, i'll try to find them in the files and mod them in. (i cant find resources for IDGC's dewa/dewi sets tho, only found the helm...) (the forum's pretty ded tho, wonder if anyone would even reads these anymore XD) guess i'll start with........Ryan's Black Mamba Set: yea, old set, the hair is basically just 1 solid color, even tho the icon had more detail than this..... and unlike many of his old sets, this one didnt get a renewed helm (tho im kinda glad they didnt, but it really needs a better texture...) and then we have these 3 accessories: seems like the dolphin wans elesis' hair donut (sorry elesis, but ur no-equip set fits them perfectly XD)
  4. u probs didnt account for the actual props on each equipment/accessory part for tat relic PP set, since they're random. NC & MT sets are easier to grind for a relic version, so u can keep crafting new ones to get better props, which is probably y it gives more TA despite being lower leveled than relic PP. (the set effect for NC set is....not tat much really, u just get extra atk/crit chance/mp regen, which if u get those props on all parts of a PP set, u actually get more TA than NC's set effect) all in all, it's best to just farm for NC/MT sets when the corresponding event dungeons are available, since they're a lot easier to obtain than relic PP set (unless u gt thousands upon thousands of hero bullions to waste) relic PP set is mostly just for making TID set if u don wanna(or unable to) farm it straight from ToD i gt 63k TA on a lv80 jin with full relic attendant set(cept shield, tat one's epic) and epic PP knuckles. with relic coordi set included, it goes up to 74k TA (81k if add in harkion's ring) (i also gave him too much mp regen, he now has 104.2% lols)
  5. 1. realization of prophecy happens after dimension's end in veigas' continent "Trivia", tats not wrong. 2. technically both GP random prop reset and single prop scroll are correct, but since the system only allows for 1 answer, single property scroll is the current correct one. (they might change tat in an upcoming hotfix, but unsure if they will) 3. xenia was released earlier than silver land, not wrong either. (tho they could make the question clearer....)
  6. nah, it's a mistake will be fixed in the upcoming hotfix
  7. Set Name: Guild Master Set Estimated Release Date: Season 1 Characters that have the Set: Elesis ~ Mari (Dio only has ID) Image: Designer: big did you want the helms to be again? KoG: Oh YES! wat i assumed how the convo went when creating this set ._. (y is this called guild master???)
  8. Set Name: Bandeirantes Set Estimated Release Date: Season 2 Characters that have the Set: Elesis ~ Sieghart Image:
  9. Set Name: Couple's H.Quinn Swiss Set Estimated Release Date: Season 2 Characters that have the Set: All Chars Image: it's a set used in the Couples System. (lass will probs get his usual hair if they put it in GCM)
  10. Set Name: Elena's Set Estimated Release Date: Season 2 Characters that have the Set: Elesis ~ Sieghart (Mari only has ID) Image: about time i throw this set in here XD
  11. not sure abt meteor since many other necklaces doesnt change its color even tho it does for deep impact, honestly idk if they ever did affect meteor or just bugged (i did find all 6 colors of meteor's particles in the files tho) the necklaces tat doesnt affect meteor are: Wind, Fire(well those 2 r obvious lols), Shadow, Lightning, Death, Destiny, Lifeblood, All Hallows Eve, Poo as for deep impact, i've told enid abt the 2 bugged ones and he said it's hard coded, so idk if it's actually fixable (they worked fine b4 custom client came abt tho) i'll just put them here as well so ppl'll know lifeblood necklace: explosions from deep impact meteors using original color (the meteors themselves are green) destiny: deep impact meteors and explosions using original color
  12. launcher host offline, wait for admins to fix it. launcher server =/= game server, so if u're already in-game, u can still play, but if u log out then u cant go back in unless the launcher host is fixed. edit: nvm, seems like it's fixed lol
  13. Set Name: Warrior's Spirit Set Estimated Release Date: Season Chaos Characters that have the Set: Elesis, Lire, Arme, Sieghart. Image: (same set, diff color, diff name. KOG.)
  14. Set Name: Heroes of Yore Set Estimated Release Date: Season Chaos Characters that have the Set: Elesis, Lire, Arme, Sieghart. Image: (sadly theres only 1st job weap, theres a ring for it tho)