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  1. Silvata

    Collection & Misc. Items

    char separation. all chars' inventory r separated. been like this since the S5 update back in official servers the only thing tats shared right now is seal breaker scrolls, which was recently enabled
  2. Silvata

    Ronan's Soul Blaze

    not implemented yet
  3. eh. old news. u get 5 for every attendance check if u have none in the char's inventory, applies to both daily and weekly. also applies to 1st login of the day. been doin it for 2 yrs now.
  4. Silvata

    Black Serpent Accesories

    u get 60 VP per day from attendance.
  5. Silvata

    Character Costumes

    how bout making it so when u create the char, u automatically get a box containing the set sent to the inventory? (or maybe a mission tat rewards it when u clear trial forest XDD)
  6. u need to be attacking for it to work, so it's like zzz then C↑ (or just ZC↑) aegis knight's healing is ZC↓ instead, since ZC↑ is his erudon weap abyss knight's soul blaze currently not implemented yet, so it wont work
  7. Silvata

    Some Rin bugs I found

    all chars have the cloak, just missing in forge for some chars (rufus to lime i think), like many other stuff (some of mari's weaps for example) i did sent a list of weaps missing in forge to enid tho, might update tat list on the armors later maybe (cloaks for the dungeon sets feels kinda lower drop rate than the other parts tbh...)
  8. Silvata

    New Player - Discord

    the GCM discord is located here:
  9. Silvata

    Jumped Lime

    from wat im seeing, it looks like u don have enough SP for the mp regen passive. and for the auras, did u learned all 3 self auras from the saint skill tree? cus if u did then she cant learn the holy knight version, she can only have 1 of each type of aura (unless u didnt, then tat might be a bug)
  10. Silvata

    Ronan ERROR??

    tat u'll need to wait for enid(kizuyo)
  11. Silvata

    Ronan ERROR??

    u need to press C^ during normal combo to activate erudon weapon
  12. Silvata


    hype ended eh.. imma drop another then Set Name: St. Patrick Estimated Release Date: Season 2 What was the last character you can recall that had this set created for them?: Sieghart Image:
  13. Silvata


    Set Name: Mohican Estimated Release Date: Season 1 What was the last character you can recall that had this set created for them?: Zero Image:
  14. Silvata


    seems like ppl r having fun, time to throw in some random contributions Set Name: Shining Star Estimated Release Date: Season 3 What was the last character you can recall that had this set created for them?: Veigas (kek) Image: (sword is not included :P)
  15. Silvata

    new dungeon

    tat sound more like wat a game would do when they ran out of ideas add a new mode to old dungeons which makes the enemies stronger, BAM "new content" if u wan upgraded trial forest, theres king slime land, which literally uses the map for trial forest.