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    Broken Quests: Updating as I find them...

    Oh, hi there! Just a quick question: Did you use the skills by charging the MP bar or did you press the hotkey in order to activate them? I've had this problem before, until I noticed it didn't count when I used the skill by charging the bar, it wouldn't count, but when I used them by pressing the hotkey, it did count. If this method is still working, then it should fix the problem with Elesis' Mega Slash. As for Lire's "Mega Shot", I have no idea. But this was before the last maintenance. Haven't checked it after the last one, since I have no quests of such type. Try using the hotkeys, if it still doesn't work, then I guess it was screwed by the last maintenance. Hope it works! Have a nice day!
  2. For those who have almost zero time to spare, I will start with the "too long; didn't read" version of the suggestion. The "tl;dr" version: Adding "Count von Bacchantes" into the DX Card Box selection pool. "That long version that explains why the hell someone would want such a thing:" It doesn't take too much effort to notice the DX Card Box purpose: providing the player a quite wide selection of the very best cards in the entire game.The cards are grouped by which piece(s) of armor they can be equipped. So, take the Upper Armor & Mantle category (UAM) for instance: We have Veron, the best UAM Attack card (440), we have Ashtaroth's Final Phase, the best UAM MP/AP recovery (6.37 %), and last, but not least, with have the (Relic) Drawl card, the best UAM Vitality card (146). The same thing applies to every other armor piece and it's respective cards. But there is one major catch when the Helmet cards are concerned: There are two main attributes that get boosted by the helmet cards: Vitality and Defense. For vitality, we have the (Relic) Ashtaroth card (151 Vit) and for defense we have the Sand Ruler card (130 Def). The "major catch" I mentioned earlier would be that there actually is a third stat that gets a boost from helmet cards - or better yet, from a single helmet card: that stat would be Critical Hit Damage. The only card that boosts this stat is "Count von Bacchantes" from Île de Frost. It gives a very low ammount of Crit Dmg, 6.09% to be more accurate, but still, it would be nice to have such card at the selection pool, specially for players (myself included) that like getting every single bit of Crit Damage they can. The greatest reason as to why I'm making such a suggestion is because this card is an absolute pain in the ass rear to farm, mainly because it's drop chance is extremely low and because, well, let's face it: I know it, you know it, everybody knows that Île de Frost is a kick to the liver. Just one more note before I put this thing to rest: I don't know about the difficulty of farming said card here at GC Madness, since I haven't unlocked Edel yet (I was about to pick her the last time I had an empty Character Slot, but decided to go for mah boi Jin at the last second). As such, there is currently no way for me to verify that. That's the main reason I'm suggesting this. Well, that's the end of it. Ty for sparing some of your time.