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  1. Feuille

    [Monthly] The Fashionista Chaser #3

    IGN : Fitz Description : Fortis, Fortuna, Adiuvat. (Inspired by Mr. Wick) Armor Helmet : Obsidian Bounty Hunter Helm Upper Armor : Noir Suit Jacket Lower Armor : Private School Pants Gloves : Cobalt Bounty Hunter Gloves Shoes : Soul Extortion Shoes Mantle : None Weapon : Vermilion Bounty Hunter Eyeteeth Accessories Upper Head : None Lower Head : None U. Armor Ornament : None L. Armor Ornament : Raven Soul Stompers Arm Ornament : None
  2. I dont mind with the Lime Mini Game lol. And with the HD, Okay, I'll check it later. Hope it just a minor glitches. Thanks for the advice. But i dont think that I push myself too much to play this game. Lol
  3. First, your Lime Mini Game has too longer time to play it again, it's enough with a 10min. And then the HD System, I have 2 character above 40, why I cant play them in the same period when the HD is open ? (eg play in SOD) Before the patch, I can play it twice, first with my 1st character, and then change it to my 2nd character. I love to play in your server, but I dont have a much time to play, please change it
  4. Feuille

    server location/ timeline

    You can check the time in Hero Dungeon's info.
  5. I have try to buy some item in K-Ching shop with attendance point. But it failed, it say "an unknown error has occured ....." It's a bug or something ? Can someone explain it ? Thankyou PS : Im sorry, if I post this in a wrong place.
  6. Feuille

    Rufus's Status

    It's just me or rufus's stat is low ? What about adding more damage and defense ?