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  1. Feuille

    Hero Dungeon Ticket

    Hey. What should I do with this item?
  2. Feuille

    bumping to SS stats(60k TA)

    You have to choose props that will boost your TA. It's like Atk, Sp. Atk, MP Recov, Crit Chance and Crit Damage. Use GP Random Props to get them. May RNG God bless you
  3. Feuille

    [READ ME] General Solutions

    I encountered this problems at the newest patch. I have follow your step, but still my launcher say it's offline. Which staff that I should ask about this problems? Thank you in advance.
  4. Feuille

    [Monthly] The Fashionista Chaser #3

    IGN : Fitz Description : Fortis, Fortuna, Adiuvat. (Inspired by Mr. Wick) Armor Helmet : Obsidian Bounty Hunter Helm Upper Armor : Noir Suit Jacket Lower Armor : Private School Pants Gloves : Cobalt Bounty Hunter Gloves Shoes : Soul Extortion Shoes Mantle : None Weapon : Vermilion Bounty Hunter Eyeteeth Accessories Upper Head : None Lower Head : None U. Armor Ornament : None L. Armor Ornament : Raven Soul Stompers Arm Ornament : None
  5. I dont mind with the Lime Mini Game lol. And with the HD, Okay, I'll check it later. Hope it just a minor glitches. Thanks for the advice. But i dont think that I push myself too much to play this game. Lol
  6. First, your Lime Mini Game has too longer time to play it again, it's enough with a 10min. And then the HD System, I have 2 character above 40, why I cant play them in the same period when the HD is open ? (eg play in SOD) Before the patch, I can play it twice, first with my 1st character, and then change it to my 2nd character. I love to play in your server, but I dont have a much time to play, please change it
  7. Feuille

    server location/ timeline

    You can check the time in Hero Dungeon's info.
  8. I have try to buy some item in K-Ching shop with attendance point. But it failed, it say "an unknown error has occured ....." It's a bug or something ? Can someone explain it ? Thankyou PS : Im sorry, if I post this in a wrong place.
  9. Feuille

    Rufus's Status

    It's just me or rufus's stat is low ? What about adding more damage and defense ?