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  1. thetro

    Question about Rutherford Pet

    Solo ofcourse . but u need to be strong enough to defeat the boss and Thanatos For me Yamini (Altar of Judgement boss ) is a lot harder to defeat rather than Perseo ( Temple of Destruction ) because of her Insta Ko skill and Curse . Best of luck
  2. thetro

    Question about Rutherford Pet

    Altar of Judgement or Temple of Destruction. I already got 7 thanny boy manual from both these dungeon combine .
  3. thetro

    Elesis Stat

    Hello Does my Elesis stat ok ? Not complete true iron dragon set yet
  4. thetro

    Orb Farming

    wow , another nice tips . so normal dungeon ? gonna try it later . 18 second is a record
  5. thetro

    Orb Farming

    i tried your tips @Yuyu enter Outer Wall of Serdin , Champion mode. After defeating dark acolyte , exit game. Repeat. The equipment drops are soooo many . Half the time need to sell those drops .
  6. thetro

    Orb Farming

    nice tips.
  7. thetro

    Orb Farming

    Hello Anyone knows which dungeon that easy to farm the Acolyte Orb? Share your tips here
  8. Hello, so have a few question. 1 ) it said that when the machination of the eclipse crest ( bottom right corner ) appear + the machinations bar is full its guaranteed dark acolypse will appear ( I played on champion mode ) , but sometimes , dark acolypse not appear ? reminder , before that run and after that run , the dark acolypse appear . that run = no dark acolypse appear 2) what is the reason to reduce dark acolypse appear from 2 to 1 ? i know the events will be long ( maybe more than a month ) . Thanks
  9. thetro


    Hello So how to complete this mission ? I need to score certain point so I get the water ball? Thank You
  10. Hello So I run angry boss hell difficulty . One of the active event reward is an hourglass . But after finishing/failed the stage , there are no hourglass in my inventory . Is the hourglass only a buff or I suppose to receive real hourglass?
  11. thetro

    Maintenance / Patch

    come2 share your opinion
  12. thetro

    Maintenance / Patch

    5. Change attendace reward 6. Increase hero dungeon entrance just suggestion
  13. thetro

    Maintenance / Patch

    Cant wait for new maintenance / patch . Want to hunt those event dungeon crest + new event set . Suggestion : 1 . Increase VP reward per day ( haha , i know its a slim chance to get it ) 2. Change Point Shop item . 3. On Donation , same price but increase vp ( another slim chance ) . 4. Increase socket slot . Epic got 3 , Relic got 4 , etc
  14. thetro

    Inventory Limit

    Hello Just discovered today that the limit of inventory is 450 but there are small text error if you try to add more bags into your inventory. It said , Inventory slot can only be increased up to 500 ... Thats all for my report Thank you
  15. free relic set. really worth it . i gone from 59k total attack wearing free cash weapon set (baldr set) to 77k total attack . these extra card slot really worth it.