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  1. As GCM has released the Custom Client which enables the developers to create anything they'd like, I thought to put a spotlight on an issue i see and provide a suggestion to solve the problem. Problem: At the time of this post, if you go to most of the dungeons it would be hard to find people that are doing runs, which results in you having to do so many solo runs, personally that gets lonesome and boring after a while, though with people fighting with you, it makes for a more fun and immersive experience! Solution: A party board which allows us to quickly search for all publicly available dungeon rooms! Context: With this feature players would be able to play with each other and spend more time in the game, it would also greatly help the first time impression for new players as they wouldn't be bored doing dungeons alone. Possibilities: This feature can start small where it provides a simple listing of the available dungeons, as there isn't a very large amount of players in dungeons at once, however... in the future adding search filters would be beneficial as the game players increase.
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    You can join by going to the park and going to the side which has the guild person, then you type in GCKnights and it should show up first in the list, with me as the owner!
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    Welcome to the GCKnights thread! About GCKnights guild is a guild that treats all its members as family, we work together to concur dungeons and vent by PvPing each other, we enjoy playing grand chase and we aim to be one of the best if not the best guild on grand chase. Expectations We value all of our members no matter who they are, we aim to be one of the strongest guilds on grand chase and in order to do that we must lay out rules to protect everyone in and out of the guild, following them is a must, and breaking them is not tolerated. Be respectful to everyone No hacking to clear dungeons or win PvP Speak propper English while conversing with others If given an order by a higher rank you must follow it Have fun Activity is appreciated and well rewarded, inactivity is not an issue although if you exceed a two weeks you will be removed if we saw the need. (if you have been removed you may come back when you are active once again!) Activities and Events To keep things fun and interesting we hold several activities and events throughout the year where our members can compete and/or work together to achieve certain goal(s) or do certain thing(s) As the guild grows we'll be able to hold more activities of different varieties. JOIN TODAY! Our guild is always open for anyone and everyone to join!
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    Quick Jin Tips (Outdated)

    Thanks for the useful information! #JinFTW