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  1. IGN: SoulWarrior1 Description: Phantom of Kanavan -Happy Halloween- 🎃 Armor sets- Helmet: Requiem Coiffure Upper Armor: Marionette's upper armor Lower Armor: Keter lower armor Gloves: Checkmate gloves Shoes: shoes by Vernia Mantle: Bluebell's cloak Accessories- Upper Head: Marionette's circlet Lower Head: Dark Nightmare mask Upper Armor: Soul Extortion wings Lower Armor: Mad Tea Party Pocket Watch Arm: None
  2. I noticed that you can only select ALL in the coordi inventory and can't change the item types. I have a lot of coordi items and I would like to be able to sort through them easily. Hopefully you guys can add a sorting category for the coordi inventory. Thanks.
  3. IGN: SoulWarrior1 Description: Fierce Fighter Armor sets- Helmet: Raven soul hair Upper armor: Prizefighter's boxing top Lower Armor: Ancient obsidian saber lower armor Gloves: Kumi's Neo-geisha gloves Shoes: Soul extortion shoes Mantle: Corsair cloak Accessories- Upper Head: none Lower Head: Little Bandage Upper Armor: none Lower Armor: none Arm: none
  4. I mostly played Aegis knight on a different server a few years back. I just liked how I can block everything. When I got on this server I decided to try a dragon knight and I like that job a lot. I like his 3rd bar skills and that he can pierce through enemies. 4th bar is fine if your target is big but other than that I dont't use it that much. I do have to question something about the rune gauge. I know with dragon knight it increases over time. Jump attacks, dash attacks, and whenever you get hit by an enemy also increases the gauge. Does not increase when your doing a normal combo. I don't know why its like that. I feel like that needs to change.
  5. I remember this happened to me before. I can't remember what I did to fix it... I'll try to remember.
  6. IGN: SoulWarrior1 Description: Guild Receptionist
  7. When I deliver the ornaments to Rita sometimes it just freezes for a few seconds and while its frozen, the time is still going and I miss some of the other ornaments. Is it possible to get rid of that lag?
  8. Isn't there a special effect whenever you skill when your wearing that coordi? If there is then I don't see a change when she use her skills.
  9. Soul

    Few bugs

    When I equip [Skin]Wonderland Elesis mini doll it closes out the client. I am not sure if it does that with the other skins from the art contest. Also lires face disappears again when she does that spin animation with 3rd job.
  10. What was that Enid? I can't hear you. You have to speak a bit louder than that.
  11. Sure. I can do stage 30 in 6-7 hours from now. I'll add you in game. Just let me know what time you plan on doing it. IGN:SoulWarrior1
  12. Why is the word "Reborn" taken out from our sentences? Even the letter "R" from GCR to GC-
  13. The GM's here wouldn't have access to your account since its on -. Sadly you will have to start over but at least you can jump your favorite character to level 70, get like 3,500 vp (I think) and a few other goodies for starting fresh.
  14. Do you guys plan on bringing back the Gaikoz armor set as a coordi? But not just that. Any season 1 armor set.