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  1. potats0

    [Monthly] The Fashionista Chaser #6

    Entry: A Formal Beach Date IGN: Liyenne Description: Lire thought that A Floral and a Frilly dress would make her stand out at the beach! Helmet: Kumi's Neo-Geisha Chignon Upper Armor: Evening Beach Coordi Dress Lower Armor: Evening Beach Coordi Dress Gloves: Serdin's Royal Court Gloves Shoes: Day Beach Coordi Mantle: Clear Cloak Weapon: Non Upper Head: Serdin's Royal Court Hat Lower Head: Liones Mask U. Armor Ornament: Clear Wings L. Armor Ornament: Beach Anklet Arm Ornament: Wedding Arm Guard
  2. potats0

    [Monthly] The Fashionista Chaser #5

    Entry: Sunna , The Goddess of Sun IGN: Liyenne Description: "Come out into the light! You are meant to shine!" -Sunna Helmet: Discriplinary Committee Hair Upper Armor: Storm Bringer Upper Armor Lower Armor: Phoenix's Lower Armor Gloves: Chronos Watch Gloves Shoes: Medusa's Shoes Mantle: N/A Weapon: Spike Baseball Bat Upper Head: Celestial Guard Circlet Lower Head: Keter Mask U. Armor Ornament: Dog Star Wings L. Armor Ornament: N/A Arm Ornament: Chevalier Shields
  3. potats0

    Replay File Location

    so whenever i record, video doesn't show in my replay folder. so i tried the "Abrir Local" that maybe it should help locate the folder. but the picture above says so that it cant.
  4. potats0

    [Monthly] The Fashionista Chaser #4

    Entry: Clock Work Maiden IGN: Liyenne Description: "One must work with time and not against it." -Ursula K. Le Guin EQUIPMENT Helmet: Checkmate Helm Upper Armor: Sweet Heart Top Lower Armor: Misfortune Pants Gloves: Corsair Gloves Shoes: Purrfectly Wright Aviatrix Shoes Mantle: Dark Rexion's Cloak Weapon: Aeternitas GlobeTrotter Staff ACCESSORY Upper Head: Ordo Squad Circlet Lower Head: Ordo Squad Mask Upper Armor Ornament/Wings: N/A Lower Armor Ornament/Stompers: Mad Tea Party Pocket Watch Arm Ornament/Shields: N/A
  5. potats0

    [Monthly] The Fashionista Chaser #3

    IGN: Liyenne Description: "Your One and Only Devilish Momma" EQUIPMENT Helmet: Raven Soul Hair Upper Armor: Ebon Inferno Upper Armor Lower Armor: Soul Extortion Skirt Gloves: Noir Gloves Shoes: Soul Extortion Shoes Mantle: Raven Soul Neck Cuff Weapon: Moon Shadow Staff ACCESSORY Circlet: Dokaebi King's Circlet Mask: Hypnotic Eyes Wings: N/A Stompers: Noir Holster Shields: Marionette's Shields
  6. potats0

    In game Quality Glitches/Bug

    is it just me or the client is like this? everything is so grayish. noticable ones are encircled in red
  7. potats0

    Weapon change and Emoticon/talk collection Bug

    i see 🤣 how about the weapon change bug is there a solution for it?
  8. So yeah, with weapon change i constantly need to use both weapon but one weapon bugs and cant deal damage. as my friend told me im still wearing a 2nd job weapon but im actually using a 1st job in my screen. for the emoticon bug, i cant seem to use it in dungeons i mean i type them correctly with a ' / ' but it doesnt show in the chat.
  9. potats0

    Coordi Gacha/Training Weapon

    Thank you so much!! I love the full details on ittt !! 😍
  10. Before i buy the Coordi weapon chests id like to see whats inside. Cause if ever i dont want it ill have to be patient again to buy for another while saving up the 70 vp's. (can anyone relate when you want something and can't buy it rn? lmao) Prefered weapon is for Arme Which is Which post pics if ever Thanks 😋
  11. potats0


    thank you so much
  12. potats0


    Please help! i cant get either the weapon or pet and i still have space in my inventory i cant get the weapon! i want the pet right now.