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  1. felXaria

    Warehouse Reformulation

    What about adding character change button so you can transfer into another character without go back to character select? :>
  2. felXaria

    AB mission part 2 bug

    after I select bonus reward and click done, this message appear
  3. felXaria

    CC server

    hmm, last time I already registered the application but filling the wrong id login by mistake, is there any chance for me to become a beta tester too? I haven't receive any message tho : >
  4. felXaria

    dice minigame bug

    well, I can roll again after I reached the maximum roll I can get for today : >
  5. felXaria

    dice minigame bug

    Ok, I'll try it : >
  6. ahhh~ I want sieghart to wear uno weapon coordi as 4th job weapon coordi, maybe not just sieghart but every character that use sword, that would be cool right? :D

  7. felXaria

    dice minigame bug

    this message appear after I roll more than 80 times
  8. felXaria

    about moonlight village dungeon

    I don't know if this just happen to me, but when I enter this dungeon I feel like that all my critical attack are gone so that I can only do a normal attack (on both normal and hell mode)
  9. felXaria

    about mini game devotee ticket

    ok then, seems like this event mission gonna be tough :' >
  10. S P E E D R U N (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ


  11. felXaria

    about main.exe

    just asking, why the main.exe always updating everytime I start the game? this never happen before : >
  12. the number of mournful passenger that has been slain doesn't count in the mission even though it appear in the dungeon ( I test it on normal and hell mode but still the same)
  13. just found that all my mini game devotee ticket are gone after the update which make me extremely sad :'v, why must it have to be deleted? pls explain :''v
  14. felXaria

    AB Mission Part 2 Bug

    Well, actually this is my second time doing AB mission , after registered the first one, another one suddenly appeared in my inventory, the same thing also happen when I registered my second AB mission, I don't know thy this happen but can I hope that you let me complete this event mission