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  1. Awesome! New update! Keep it up, GCM! :)

  2. Evangelica

    [New system - Lass]

    I like the idea! Will this concept be adapted to all Lass jobs? >.> Also want to suggest adding more consequential effects as the benefits outweigh the risks too much. It's a bit broken as it is right now. *but that's just for me o3o* Anyways, thanks for sharing!
  3. Finally got to login my forum account after so long. @[email protected]

    Login kept saying something about "cookies not being allowed", so I kept the cookies all for myself. ( = 3 =)

  4. Still here~ Go Fight, Go Fight On! :D

  5. Evangelica

    Question about Rutherford Pet

    Best would be to wait for events to reward pet scrolls(xmas event gave a lot of pet scrolls, iirc). But alternatively, you can run through champion mode dungeons to hunt for them. You can try what this guy said below; though I'm not entirely convinced that it really is like that, since it is still RNG-reliant. (But that's just me )
  6. Evangelica

    Visual bug

    Stop, Drop, and Roll! Stop, Drop, and Roll! Stop, Drop, and Roll!
  7. Evangelica


    Good to see more players going back to play GC~ o/ Anyways, welcome to Madness, and have a rocking good time! :3c
  8. Evangelica

    Hello! I have a question re: sounds

    Hi! Did you check your in-game options? Maybe you accidentally muted the game. Also check your pc's audio settings. It might be muted as well.
  9. Evangelica

    King Slime Land Tips

    Got a bit of tips I wanna share: 1. (Most importantly)Always take advantage of the cutscenes to load mp and pet skills. (It may take up some time, but hey! You'll need every advantage you can get right?) 2. Predict, Attack, Dodge. Always predict what possible moves the slimes will do and attack accordingly. Also, it helps to always take into consideration your skills activation time and duration. As for dodging, I often see people not using their dodge abilities and just out-right spam their skills till they run out of mp. It would be good to always keep this handy feature in mind, as it helps give you breathing time to regen a bit of mp/hp or chip-in additional normal attacks. (Just practice to not spam it and run out of dodges at crucial times. >x<) 3. Utilize the large map to your advantage. It's a big map, go run around it when you need to regen. The slimes are pretty slow and they usually won't cast AoE skills if you're not near them. (Maybe except for the fire one >.>) 4. (This should be on #2, but too lazy to edit)Try not totally depleting your AP/MP when attacking. Always leave like 1-bar or one nifty skill to get an i-frame when the boss decides to do some surprise skills that could potentially kill you. In addition to this, always chain your skills with your pet skill. This is to make sure that you will always have MP/AP to spare. Though please note that these tips are not for people who plans on rushing the dungeon, but it helps greatly to those looking for a way to simply beat KSL no matter how much time is used. Hope these helps~ Good luck to everyone! ;3c
  10. Evangelica

    [Guide] General Solutions

    Well, first off you can try the instructions on the opening post. You will need to use the file checker to know what files went bad and need to be replaced. If in case you're only problem is the DLL file, you should try downloading what Enid posted above., then pasting it on your GCM folder. Though in my opinion, always go for the golden rule of reinstalling, resetting pc, disable or add to exceptions AV/Firewall, then patching. This is to ensure everything software-based is properly in place. Hope this helps~
  11. Evangelica

    How to upgrade a pet skill ?

    Well, for now there are only limited pets that have upgrade skills, and you may get them through monthly events.
  12. Evangelica

    Dice Dice, Baby! Minigame Time Counter Broke

    Sweetie, there's a limit to how much you can earn dices. And more or less; 6hrs is the daily total. "Daily Amount of rolls increased to 30."
  13. Evangelica

    1 Year Earring/Ring Stats

    Only for a month. But admins rotate events anyway, so there will always be something to do in-game.