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  1. Kencru

    Ultimate weapon essence

    Ultimate Weapon Essence is an item used to forge Ultimate Weapon Scrolls , which is used to get Ultimate Weapon Chests However, the scrolls/chests are not yet available on forge. So you have to keep it for a while.
  2. Kencru

    Main.exe application error

    Hello Since the error still persists , i suggest doing the ff: - Disable your antivirus(s) / Make an exception for all antivirus targeting the GCM Folder. - If the file " d3d9.dll " exists in your GCM Folder , delete it. After doing so , try running the launcher again.
  3. Kencru

    Main.exe application error

    Greetings! Thanks for the Report Kindly go to your GCM Game Folder, then go to "Redist" Folder. Then open "2012" folder. Run "vcredist_x86.exe" and install it. Afterwards , try running the game again
  4. Kencru

    Champion mode drops bugged

    Greetings ! That can only mean the ff: 1.) Your Inventory is Full. Make sure you sell some unused items , because the "inventory is full" works differently between a.) Starting the game with no space and b.) starting the game with space , but gets full in the middle of the dungeon. Where A.) shows you the warning message , and B.) Just gives you nothing with no messages , you could be experiencing "B.)" 2.) The Item Prompt is experiencing some delay. Sometimes it gets delayed by a couple of seconds , dont leave the result screen right away by spamming keys and wait for the prompt. Cause by unstable connection.
  5. Greetings! Thank you for the Report. It seems your main.exe was corrupted. Main.exe usually has to be around 10mb , your copy is far from the expected amount (only1.24 KB). Which can mean that the file(s) is/are not downloaded correctly. Can you double check these and make sure 100% that no AV is active/targeting the files. Because the current Main.exe you have is likely a blocked file by an AV. And I also suggest to move the files from D to C. Once you are set , try getting the files again. Kindly report back with your findings or if the problem still persists. Thanks!
  6. Kencru

    Moonlight Village Forge

    Greetings , the devs found the issue that caused the disappearance of the items. The items may be reapplied in the next server reset. Thank you for the report
  7. Kencru

    twilight no more life steal on ultimate skill(4th)?

    Greetings As of the official Grand Chase Eternal update , Weapon Fortification's HP Steal / MP DOT bonus no longer works on skills , that includes Rin's Unstoppable Strength.Restoration bonus will only work on regular attacks and damaging techs. Since the change was from the original server , this was also applied to Grand Chase Madness
  8. Greetings , The devs are already aware of the coordi causing it. Thanks for the heads up!
  9. Kencru

    1st job PVE?

    I will state her capabilities briefly End Game Standard Dungeons (Alcubra and Archemedia) Outshadowed by Geas , prefered to be used as a secondary job weapon. Laser Beam over Breakdown , since it has a better swarm control on short range. Homing Missle can be slow , but still does job on swarm of monsters. Use Breakdown otherwise for fast execution Nuclear Strike takes forever in this case , better off using Freeze Tempest for swarms , Desrtoyer's Force is a choice for 3rd skill in this case for alternative Event Dungeons Rune Caster gets more usage and skill control in this case since event dungeon has more focus on stronger monsters than swarms Laser Beam still prefered over breakdown for power control and hits behind opponents Preferring Breakdown for this , but gets least usage, Homing Missle is situational only for swarm stages Nuclear Strike will now become useful since boss monsters have more control target. Tower of Disappearance Runecaster will be Mari's primary weapon with a couple of reasons Mari will be dealing with immobile monsters and large monsters in one dungeon run. Freeze Tempest will be ineffective in coverage , it will be great against gorgos , but has poor performance in kamiki / gaikoz Most of mari's versatile skill with lesser hit strings exists only in rune caster. Laser Beam for the ff. reasons Single Hit string takes advantage on Gaikoz/Kamiki Destroys Kamiki Orb on contact Has enough iFrame to cover danger moves (except Gorgos Flame and Gardo Black Hole) 2nd Skill , use Core Break , but skills almost has a poor to impossible scenario of usage with a following reason Homing Missile triggers Gorgos Macro Jump , a scenario where gorgos cancels his jump animation and instantly causes a quake when it touches the group without leaping. Homing Missile has poor target on stage 1-4 , where it prefers targetting mobs instead of boss monster Homing Missle distrurb's gaikoz/kamiki teleportation counterplay. things can be unpredictable. Shock Field is reactable to gaikoz Shock Field is reactable to kamiki 3rd , Nuclear Strike deals most damage , but has tricky target on kamiki. Its the best choice with a slightly large problem. VERDICT Runecaster usage is more appealing as a 2nd weapon in standard dungeons , since Geas outshadows it. It has the same usage level as Polaris as support. But it has more usage on dungeons where monsters have more target control like event dungeons and heroic. Laser Beam as a majority usage rating in PVE , since breakdown are useful for pvps only , and players prefer skills thats easily controled in PVE 2nd skill is a situational skill pick , Homing Missle is obviously great for Hungry Pets Revolt , slight good in swarms , but core break has more usage on boss focused dungeons. Nuclear Strike is strong , but has tricky target and execution , which is great for bosses , Destroyers Force is only useful for fast execution skill , but less stronger. Your pick. Judgement is an obvious pick since Dangerous Tests is more of a gimmick skills , which has poor performance on serious dungeon runs Turrets are your friend for additional Mana / Cheap Damage. But has more effort to take use on swarms. Skill Build MAX CDMG and MAX CRIT CHANCE 100-110% Mana Investment (since mari already has polaris mana turrent, turrent damage , and geas orb as mana support) MAX Special Attack (mari has a little attack strings to take advantage on attack stats) Remaining MP slots from the 100-110% investment goes to Attack.
  10. Kencru

    bitty perry

    Greetings! Bitty Perry only recovers MP normally You can use Purple Pet Glyphs to allow it to recover AP.
  11. Kencru

    Can I unfuse coordi?

    If I am not mistaken. There is no way to unfuse merged coordis. Sorry.
  12. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Compilation of TOD Clear Videos Greetings and Welcome to the Grand Chase Madness : TOD Video Compilation Thread. Where videos of skilled players clearing a dungeon that is known to be the most difficult to finish , are compiled and marked. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Submission Details] 1.) Player must reach Stage 10 or Finish Stage 5 of Tower of Disappearance Solo in the youtube video. 2.) Time marking will be based on the result screen , if for some reason not included in the video , the time from the repel scene dialogue + 1 minute and 10 seconds will be added due to the duration of the dialouge (calculated on actual result screens) , otherwise if the time is not present on both scenario , the video will not be included. 3.) Player who died in stage 10 will be marked as "Failed" , however "saved by the result screen" scenario will still be marked as "Repel" if Kaze repels after 5 mins. 4.) Exception with solo rule : other player present in the dungeon run who died / idle at least before stage 4 are accepted. 5.) Cheats , hacks and any form of concrete exploits are not counted as a valid submission. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [TOP 5 LEADERBOARD - STAGE 10] Inarabitta (Lass) : - Time : 11:17 (KILL) Lightning13 (Lime) : - Time : 13:32 (KILL) Charles (Lass) : - Time : 14:01 (KILL) Michikatsu (Edel) : - Time : 14:10 (KILL) iDrakkey (Dio) : - Time : 15:10 (KILL) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [STAGE 10] Kato (Elesis) : - Time : 22:56 (Failed) Kencru (Arme) : - Time : 16:01 (Repel) Inarabitta (Lass) : - Time : 11:17 (KILL) Charles (Lass) : - Time : 14:01 (KILL) Shin (Lass) : - Time : 17:01 (Repel) Hyakkimura (Lass) : - Time : 19:56 (Repel) (110K Challenge) iMelody (Ryan) : - Time : 16:42 (Repel) Kencru (Ryan) : - Time : 17:01 (Repel) Jkmg (Ronan) : - Time : 27:16 (Repel) Kencru (Amy) : - Time : 22:42 (Repel) Kato (Jin) : - Time : 13:55 (Failed) Jkmg (Jin) : - Time : 21:24 (Repel) BlackReaper (Sieghart) : - Time : 17:43 (Repel) Dragonechan (Mari) : - Time 18:38 (Repel) iDrakkey (Dio) : - Time : 15:10 (KILL) Jkmg (Dio) : - Time : 15:04 (Repel) lBluul (Dio) : - Time : 19:39 (Repel) (100K Challenge) Kurogashi (Zero) : - Time : 16:08 (Repel) Kencru (Ley) : - Time : 17:42 (Repel) iDrakkey (Rufus) : - Time :16:27 (Repel) Shin (Rufus) : - Time : 18:44 (Repel) Kencru (Rin) : - Time : 17:49 (Repel) Jkmg (Asin) : - Time : 19:21 (Repel) Lightning13 (Lime) : - Time : 13:32 (KILL) Kencru (Lime) : - Time : 18:44 (Failed) Shin (Lime) : - Time : 22:21 (Repel) Michikatsu (Edel) : - Time : 14:10 (KILL) Kencru (Veigas) : - Time : 21:39 (Repel) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [STAGE 5] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kurogashi (Zero) (WITHOUT SKILLS) : -Time : 4:42
  13. Kencru

    Ethereal Knight Set

    Ethereal Knight has no weapon coordi (If you're talking about the ones in my signature , its a Justice Bow for Lire and Celestial Guard Scythe for Ryan) Ethereal usually includes all parts including accessories
  14. Kencru

    Best non cash pet?

    Non-Cash Pet Available ANYTIME Rutherford (AP) : For AP Characters , this is your best bet without spending VP. Pet scroll available in Xenia - Valstrath Hell Mode. Thanny Boy (MP) : The standard MP character that potentially does 4 MP Bar. Pet Scroll available in Any Xenia Hell Mode dungeons. Darek (MP) : Similar to Thanny Boy , but has faster execution and hit strings. Pet Scroll available in Archemedia - Thunder Hammer Hell Mode. Nurse Tammy (HP)(MP) : This is a decent pet, but mentioned due to her ability to restore health. This is available in Forge "ETC" Tab by crafting 40 Tammy's Chocolate and 5 Gate Ores Non-Cash Pet Available via Rotation/Events Gwen (MP) : The Best Non-Cash Pet in my opinion. Single Hit , potential 4 MP Bar , so no need to wait for such animation to gain max MP , she was usually available during Angry Bosses Rotation Event via forge. (Take note her upgraded pet skill deals almost double). Lulu (MP) : Almost similar to Gwen. But has no upgraded pet skill. Available previously via mini game rewards. KOG-B (MP) : Does similar work with Thanny Boy and Darek , usually available during Talin's Revenge events via forge Bakunawa (MP)(AP via Eclipse only) : Combined Thanny Boy and a slightly stronger AP recovery of Rutherford. Was rarely available on minigame events. Here are the only notable ones , this does not state that the other pet not mentioned has no potential. _____________________________________________________________________________
  15. Kencru

    Ethereal Knight Set

    Greetings , Ethereal could be up around July according to one of our staffs. Although it is not official