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  1. Rivia

    Dungeon Run Rewards / Drops

    Have you already done a fresh reinstall (This just consist of uninstalling the game and running the setup.exe again)? If this is just happening suddenly without any restart to the game, then it’s going to be hard to reproduce something like this so we know exactly what’s going on.
  2. The Fashionista Chaser will have the community's fashionistas competing to see who can dress the best and impress their guest. Combine different outfit and armor pieces to make a custom outfit of your own! Blow the staff away with your fashion ideas enough to where they want to wear what you wear! [Entry]* [IGN]* [Description]* [Make a list of costume / armor parts used]* 1 Entry only [Can be Front, Side, and Back views] You can use the new [Coordi Closet] to create your outfit! Entry must be clear [Use the snip application if you have to!] Full outfit piece sets are not allowed. (Ex. Complete Coordi Packages, Wedding Coordi Package, and Awakening Sets.) Must give a list of the costume parts you used. (Ex. Hair: Kumi Neo-Geisha Chingon, Top: Midriff Top, Bot: Black Daisy Dukes, etc...) If your entry includes more than 2 parts from the same set you will lose creativity chances of winning. October 19, 2019 ~ November 20, 2019 Grand Prize Winners [3]: 2,000 VP Runner Up Prize [5]: 1,500 VP  Past Winners Format : IGN [Forum Name] August, 2019 Grand Prize Winners Lewisia [ Amethyst ], Alethea [ Kairus ], SoulWarrior1 [ Soul ] Runner Ups Chagrin [ chagrin ], lIkarugal [ Ikaruga ], Mslash [ ManilaSlasher ], Alethea [ Serafall1 ], Bruuhyan [ Bruuuuh ] September, 2019 Grand Prize Winners Siegraine [ Siegraine ], SilvataSekai [ Silvata ], Torsion [ Torsion ] Runner Ups SoulWarrior1 [ Soul ], Piety [ Piety ], Mizugaki [ Tamako ], iTanjirou [ iHachiko ], AYaseEli [ EIysium ]
  3. Rivia

    corrupt file (main.exe?)

    Both of you should recheck your antivirus exclusion settings. Make sure the main.exe and the game folder itself are excluded from being scanned at all times. Afterwards delete the current main.exe you have in your folder and run the launcher once more to obtain a new main. The main.exe has been updated again therefore your protection can’t read it and will attempt to remove / manipulate the file leading to the launcher giving this error.
  4. Rivia

    Didn't Receive my Item Rewards!

    Currently no updates since the team is busy with a certain system at the moment. Since I don't have any control over this it may take longer than expected. Sorry for the inconvenience in advance.
  5. Rivia


    Did you try looking up anymore d3d9.dll files with your windows version? (For example Google "d3d9.dll for [Insert your windows version / build here]"). Some players have to look up new d3d9s compatible for their operating system. If it's not compatible the game will just continue to crash. At most you want to get a d3d9.dll that gets your FPS within the 30 ~ 55 FPS range.
  6. Rivia

    Didn't Receive my Item Rewards!

    Just to be sure, do you have Elesis by chance? If so check her inventory and your last characters inventory before you clicked "Item Rewards" instead of a the character jump button. There are a few others with this issue the admin is looking into and now including your account. I will reply with more information when I can!
  7. Rivia


    This we can look into, some scrolls such as this one say that it’s +10 levels but the system has it stored under another value (Such as 5-8). Can’t promise even if the fix goes through the patch it will fix the existing one you have but we appreciate the report! Also try getting to a level near 78 to see if anything changes.
  8. Rivia

    Pet and Equipment being removed

    This issue is already known and listed in our bug issues list. It’s something that isn’t easy to fix so those experiencing it will have to experience it a little longer.
  9. Rivia

    Stuck in patch

    You can always delete the main.exe in the folder and then re run the launcher to make a new one and it should fix the stuck moments. Unless your computer installed something (Windows update, etc.) that messed the game up within the last two days.
  10. Rivia

    Item Rewards

    The admin or I will respond to the thread when he is finished investigating. At the moment there’s no updates at this time, sorry for the late reply.
  11. Rivia


    Do you have your .net framework up to date? You can check that by going to the grand chase folder [Grand Chase Madness Season 5\Redist\2012] and run the .exe to see if you have it installed. If anything else you can try using the solution said [here] since you do not have the d3d9.dll file.
  12. Rivia

    Item Rewards

    No problem I'll PM you or just update you here when the time comes!
  13. Rivia

    Item Rewards

    Alright i'll let the admin know as soon as he's available (This may be until later tomorrow morning / Noon) Since the items are more for mid / late game just go ahead and make some progress on your account. If anything the items will be sent to you manually.
  14. Rivia

    Item Rewards

    Last resort is to check your warehouse if you haven't already. This is one of the rare cases of the Jump Event that isn't easy for us to replicate and fix immediately. The most we can find out from others responses that it sometimes ends up Elesis Inventory and not the past selected characters. Furthermore could you please provide your In-game name so the admin can check to see if the items actually went through.
  15. Rivia

    Item Rewards

    Did you check every characters inventory (Including "Locked Items" tab) to see if any of the items are there?