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  1. Rivia

    My game is acting weird

    Recently this is a issue if you choose "Asia" as the region host for the room. So for now try to stick to Ernasis and America Region selection.
  2. Rivia

    Main.exe contain virus

    Go to your windows defender and any other antivirus protection you have and Exclude the folder. There are pictures for windows defender in the [general support] thread.
  3. Rivia

    Connection Attempt Failed

    This has already been solved, sorry for the inconvenience! I’ll be locking the thread now.
  4. Rivia

    You are disconnected from the server

    This should be fixed now the host was having some issues which lead to a small amount of downtime.
  5. Rivia

    You are disconnected from the server

    Hi there Anders, Depending on what time you play and if the servers are “Busy/Full” this is gonna be a common thing to happen. If you tested your problem in both servers and this still happens just take note of both servers status and what time it is. Until we can get some type of server stability done due to the increase of players it may just be traffic of players causing your disconnection.
  6. Rivia

    Main.exe application error

    If you have any other redist installed and not just the 2012 version you’re going to have to uninstall all the redist versions. You can start by from what we provided you in the redist folder itself. Uninstall what you can and try to have only the 2012 version installed. This was an issue for another player and that was the solution for him other than using the x32-bit all-in-one download version.
  7. Rivia

    Champion mode drops bugged

    Actually this is a bug that triggers when you pick up drops too quickly. The roll function will get stuck on one item and if you don’t see the dice animation go on top of your characters head then the bug has started. The only way to avoid this from happening is by picking up each drop 1 by 1. And if you end up picking up 2 boxes at the same time and no drops / dice animation appear just stand there for a bit until the “dice animation” occurs.
  8. In my opinion you should save your VP for important stuff (Such as job changes if something goes wrong after a patch, SP Resets, Inventory Expansions, Prop Reset Forms, etc...) and later on spoil the VP on whatever you want. As for Armor wise around level 70 you can start to collect Phantom Phoenix armor pieces from Hero Dungeons (The Crucible, Sanctum of Destruction, Wizards Labyrinth) and which you can upgrade in the Hero Shop. This is your primary armor until level 85 which then the True Iron Dragon Set is End Game armor. You can get Iron Dragon pieces from Berkas Lair which can be upgraded via Forge that make them into "True" Iron Dragon parts. After that, it's your armor properties + What cards you add onto the armor that makes your stats.
  9. Rivia

    Mission 3-2 Bugged

    Hmmm it might be one of those missions that’s coded completely opposite for some reason. So in turn did you try getting hit at least 10 times and for extreme test measures 30 times? Either way you don’t need to stress over the mission since you can continue without it.
  10. Rivia

    [READ ME] General Solutions

    If your launcher still says it's offline its a [ISP issue] so the launcher isn't being provided any stable connection. You can try doing the following: Open your Command Prompt Enter without quotation marks "ipconfig /release" Then Enter without quotation marks "ipconfig /renew" Just a solution to try it's not guaranteed to work but it's worth a shot.
  11. This should be a easy fix with a [replacement] we did a patch in to fix TOD and some other stuff, sorry about the inconvenience of that.
  12. Rivia

    About Samsara in Angry Bosses...

    It actually was not intentional but a mistake (Because of new dungeon stuff) so that will be altered back to normal after this commotion is situated. Thanks for bring it to our attention though as i can see it's very frustrating if you're playing by yourself and playing lire.
  13. You use the manual patch from the [patch note] to get ahead in the update then let the launcher do the rest. It's going to go slow because others are patching at the same time.
  14. Rivia

    About Samsara in Angry Bosses...

    I can check to verify if that buff was necessary or not and then let you know. I myself don't recall Samsara having that buff in Angry Bosses either and honestly seems very targeted at Lire / Lass players who can just attack from the side.