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  1. Rivia

    Account "Name"

    Hi Jmichael! You would need to use name changes on both accounts to make this happen.
  2. Hey Bee~ I showed your thread to the staff team for them to get their opinions on it, unfortunately they did not come to terms with it so it was a no go. There are a lot of pros with unreal engine just like you listed. However, there are games we can also relate to that still have some problems with it. For example, Kurtzpel works with unreal engine and even as a beta player myself, I experienced high FPS drop and there's a lot of buggy issues with the models themselves that the company still has to work on. Especially with the customization being a big thing in that game. Overall, the admin believes working with what we have now is the best option, but we thank you so much for the suggestion!
  3. Rivia

    Game is laggy?

    It’s really because Grand Chase is a old game and not really supported by the most updated windows. We’re still working on a file to fix the FPS issue. Even us staff who have the latest windows have to suffer through this terrible lag in game. Until we figure out a working file we just suggest people try the following: “ **FPS Solution(s)** If you are experiencing any FPS drops while playing on Grand Chase Madness then please download one of these .DLLs and place it in your Madness Folder and hope for the best: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1qXpyx7vhI0UP6jt7E3UV5dNQO_VdoyXc Make sure to try each .DLLs in order from the first one and down and delete everything after d3d9 until it's only d3d9.dll prior to launching your game. Use the **d3dx9_42.dll** as a last resort and cross your fingers. Please keep in mind that this is not a guaranteed fix and you might still suffer from drops. Make sure to restart your computer prior to testing out a new .DLL and remove the .DLL if you experience issues prior or after logging in. ” once we find a working DLL we will update the links. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. Rivia

    [Ended]Date A GM - Poetry

    Thread is now locked for judging! A announcement will be made of the winners and their scheduled date with their staff member. Thank you all in advance for participating!
  5. Rivia

    0xc0000005 application error after windows update

    At the moment I'd say your solution would be to system restore to the previous update for now. Since this is a issue after the windows update and we can see what we can do to fix the issue and patch it in. And if there's another solution to it we will let you know.
  6. It's that time of the month, where we share our appreciation for those we adore! May this be your opportunity to have some time with a specific staff member? Now is the time to charm your way to their hearts with a creative poem! (Common poems are 6 - 12 lines per verse depending on the poem type, there is no length rule, be creative!) List of available staff members to choose: [GM] Kouyz [GM] Adrian [GM] Lucifer [GM] Rivia [GM] Enid [GM] Kencru [MOD] Samuru Entries must be creative and original, not copied and pasted as entries will be checked for plagiarizing You can only choose one (1) staff member out of the list Be sure to put your time zone within your entry! NO 18+ Rated content in your poems! The following winners for each Staff member will receive the following: Spending 1 Hour with the staff member of Choice (PvE, and PvP) Limited [GM]/[MOD]'s Valentine Crest (ex. [GM] Rivia's Valentine) 3500 VP Choice of the Following sets: Smiley Coordi set or Sweet Heart Coordi set You submit your poems via making a reply in this thread. You may only put "Reserve", or your entry in your reply. Anything that is off-topic will be deleted. If you have questions please contact the staff via message, discord, or our Facebook! Wish everyone the best of luck! February 13th, 2019
  7. Rivia

    Launcher Has Stopped Working

    Hmm you can try using the [Wrong File Checker] by placing it in your folder and running it. And if it comes up with any messed up files you can let us know.
  8. Rivia

    Launcher Has Stopped Working

    You also did your Windows Defender for the exception? Because if it's still continuing to stop working instantly it's being blocked from running by something in the background.
  9. Rivia

    What do i do?

    Is your antivirus / windows defender letting the launcher and the game files through without attempting to tamper the files (Taking them as false positives)? Any files that are being tampered with will cause the launcher to do that or a weak launcher connection. You can try looking at the general solutions thread after checking your antivirus / windows defender.
  10. Rivia

    edel continent bug

    It's not a bug, that's how we changed it to be so all characters including Edel and Veigas are not stuck in their own continents to avoid any quest bugs.
  11. Rivia

    Archive corrupted or unknown format

    Make sure your internet is stable when downloading or else it will just jump and seem to be "Finished". Also have your antivirus / windows defender / etc. disabled as it may corrupt the downloaded file.
  12. Rivia


    The TCP server was down for Singapore, but is now fixed. If you see that Dallas is more smoother than SEA that means your internet connect is just able to connect smoothly to the Dallas host server.
  13. Rivia

    GC crest for beta players?

    No one received the beta crest it has not been sent out yet.
  14. Rivia

    Windows error

    Is your Windows defender, antivirus, etc. disabled as you attempt to launch the game?
  15. Rivia

    Server Status

    Run the update.exe in your game folder or redownload our launcher here: http://www.gcmadness.com/Launcher/Client/ (right click > save as > replace launcher.exe)