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  1. To be able to play on Mac, you are going to need a windows emulator. You can try using [Wine] for example or try what is said in this thread:
  2. We are already aware of certain situations are causing players to disconnect from the game, a fix will be applied later on today.
  3. Is your necklace +9 by chance? This necklace is suppose to make the meteors green, but can be looked into so it can be fixed if it's not working properly.
  4. We already have a system ready to implement for this. As it was tested upon first release it had problems, so it will be released officially once the issues with it are completely fixed.
  5. Firstly, playhouse has been having issues for a while and there is no actual solution for it right now so, some players can enter and some cannot. As for your seal breaker scroll issue I'm going to need your IGN so I can send you working ones that are shared between characters.
  6. Did you exchange your weapon in forge?
  7. Did you use the scroll bars like I stated earlier in the post to see if the pieces will appear?
  8. Like TimeEmperor said, make sure your item you are trying to upgrade is unequipped and in some cases you have to mess with the scroll bar (On the right side) to make things appear.
  9. There is currently no scheduled date for maintenance (Content, Event Rotation, Gacha Rotation included), this goes for all monthly maintenances until announcements are made about the date (Day before or at least 15 minutes before it starts) of the maintenance.
  10. I've passed your IGN along to the admin to have your issue fixed, but this make take some time as there are many others with the same and he is very busy at the moment. I will contact you again once he has figured out the issue.
  11. That's completely alright don't worry about it being a inconvenience or not as I'm here to help as much as possible. I'm glad to hear they are able to play the game, hope you two enjoy!
  12. Like Silv said, it's already known about and Kizuyo already knows about it so it will be patched in when the patch is pretty much ready.
  13. Rivia


    Unfortunately, there’s no compensation for this issue being that the end game weapon ends up being more superior than the Gacha weapon. If it wasn’t a specific level Gacha weapon that you didn’t acquire (It being a coordi instead of armor) then that can be easily compensated.
  14. Rivia


    So, I tested this gacha 5 times and that being 3 times when the server was busy and 2 times after maintenance. All 5 tries I have acquired the weapon (lv80) successfully. I believe this incident only occurs if the game hangs while trying to obtain the weapon and it's possible that the weapon is in the inventory but it's just not showing up. Unfortunately, Like I said earlier we cannot send gacha weapons out to accounts so it's more so recommended to go for a PP Weapon until you can get a TID Weapon.
  15. I'll let the admin know that your account is experiencing the warehouse bug, it may be fixed within 2-3 days however due to how busy it currently is.