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  1. Rivia

    Pet evolve bug?

    Unfortunately, that is the only stage of evolution Lilith currently has. Until we can create more evolution for pets that is the current state of them
  2. Rivia

    Trying to get started

    No problem, at most i can offer that you can try following [this], Firstly just restarting your computer and not having anything run in the background while starting the game. If that doesn't work just check your drivers to be sure. If anything I may have more solutions for you later on after some more research myself.
  3. Rivia

    Trying to get started

    Okay let’s just start from the easy point. Remove what you added from the windows 10 folder and let’s go back to the error of the main.exe disappearing. This issue has a very easy fix to it and getting past this would lead you to being able to play. Further most to avoid anymore issues in the future, add the game folder (Grand Chase Madness S5, or what you named it during installation) to your windows defender exclude settings. Yes, windows defender and any other protection can be set to off and will still scan for files. If you have anymore issues after that just ping us with a simple @ and we will be here to help or you can contact us on discord also!
  4. Rivia

    Unknown Items

    Yeah if you keep getting them at this point just don't touch them to be on the safe side.
  5. Rivia

    Unknown Items

    Well, if you were able to sell them and nothing has happened to your inventory then you should be fine I hope at least. I already reported this to the other staff members so it may just take some time before i can come back with a solution for you guys.
  6. Rivia

    Unknown Items

    Usually we would say you can try and sell it, but we wouldn't want the item to bug your inventory and you cant login to that character. So, being more safe since there's no actual solution is to leave it be for now.
  7. Rivia

    Arme suffering from another NERF...

    Rest assured Arme was not touched at all for neither nerfing or buffing. Every character has their own unique stats which gives them that output of performance and the way you play them. If you would like to suggest some ways we can make some changes to arme then by all means please make a thread about it with specific details. We do understand what your talking about the bug of “phasing”. If we can’t reproduce it ourselves we can’t automatically fix it if just one person is having the issue on their side.
  8. Rivia

    Client keeps on crashing

    Hi KingDos! Well since your issue is being shown as "Disconnected from the server" it would be normal to suspect that your connection is being cut off by something in the background or your connection strength is dropping towards the game. However, firstly you would want to make sure you have the game folder completely excluded from being scanned by your antivirus / any software protection you have. Secondly, if possible could you try restarting the source of your internet ( that being your router / modem ) for at least 10 seconds then restart your computer. If none of these work out for you just come and let us know.
  9. Rivia

    bug report

    Re-installing should be simple if you still have your setups from first downloading the game. That means having your background protection software disabled in the mean time and once the game is done installing, making the game folder excluded from being scanned to avoid anymore corruptions.
  10. Rivia


    If I'm understanding correctly, your suggestion is to make a chat box inside of dungeons or edit the chat box in general so, there are sections such as "World Map", "Lobby / Party", "Park" etc. And upon clicking these tabs you can see every person talking in world map, etc. and you can chat with them too even though your in a dungeon room waiting for people.
  11. Rivia

    Best non cash pet?

    Well, we got pets you can grind and craft for, here's the list of them: Myurin: 20 Myurin's Star => Clear Reward from Gaikoz's Castle & Lake Aurora Peng Peng: 10 Snowflake Coin => Clear reward from Victor's Fortress & Altar of Judgement Referee Elena: 10 Elena's Soccer Ball => Clear Reward from Kamiki's Castle & Underpass of Lost Hope Nurse Tammy: 40 Tammy's Chocolate => Clear Reward from Hell's Bridge & Fortress of Ascension Luna: 15 Luna's Treasured Claw => Clear Reward from Kaze'aze's Castle & Valstrath Then you have Lezlie as a hero dungeon shop option also. So we put out as much pets as we could that would meet players "free" point in the game for good pets other than Gacha ones. I still believe thanny is a good option, but everyone has their own taste c:.
  12. Completely exclude your game folder from being scanned and it shouldn't cause anymore problems.
  13. Rivia

    Account "Name"

    Hi Jmichael! You would need to use name changes on both accounts to make this happen.
  14. Hey Bee~ I showed your thread to the staff team for them to get their opinions on it, unfortunately they did not come to terms with it so it was a no go. There are a lot of pros with unreal engine just like you listed. However, there are games we can also relate to that still have some problems with it. For example, Kurtzpel works with unreal engine and even as a beta player myself, I experienced high FPS drop and there's a lot of buggy issues with the models themselves that the company still has to work on. Especially with the customization being a big thing in that game. Overall, the admin believes working with what we have now is the best option, but we thank you so much for the suggestion!
  15. Rivia

    Game is laggy?

    It’s really because Grand Chase is a old game and not really supported by the most updated windows. We’re still working on a file to fix the FPS issue. Even us staff who have the latest windows have to suffer through this terrible lag in game. Until we figure out a working file we just suggest people try the following: “ **FPS Solution(s)** If you are experiencing any FPS drops while playing on Grand Chase Madness then please download one of these .DLLs and place it in your Madness Folder and hope for the best: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1qXpyx7vhI0UP6jt7E3UV5dNQO_VdoyXc Make sure to try each .DLLs in order from the first one and down and delete everything after d3d9 until it's only d3d9.dll prior to launching your game. Use the **d3dx9_42.dll** as a last resort and cross your fingers. Please keep in mind that this is not a guaranteed fix and you might still suffer from drops. Make sure to restart your computer prior to testing out a new .DLL and remove the .DLL if you experience issues prior or after logging in. ” once we find a working DLL we will update the links. Sorry for the inconvenience.