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  1. Hey, little suggestion here: I guess everyone noticed that during dialogs after boss fight or some animations (Harkion for instance) the player couldn't move but could still receive damages. For instance, when Harkion decides to jump on the ground, since the little explosive balls that shoot toward the sky are delayed, he could start one of his 3 big moves where player can't move and the player would get one shot by one of the explosive balls. For this situation I'd say allowing the player to move would be suitable, or giving arena mode. Also, after killing some bosses, u have a dialog scene sometime during which you can get killed. Happens that when you kill KazeAze from ToD you are teleported on low left corner where a remaining attack of hers can be waiting for you. There is also the fact that mobs remain alive for a long time after you kill the bosses in ToD first 4 rooms, thus sometimes smahing your skull during the slow mo that follows a boss kill. For this I'd suggest to make them die at the moment the boss dies
  2. Twims

    Quick Jin Tips (Outdated)

    First I would like to state that this guide is outdated since overhaul. The damage buff from EoD has been lowered since you can use your skills with it. Second, I am not quite sure to understand ur question since I haven't seen anyone using IF and I dont see the point of using a skill while IF lower your damages. Only thing I usually see is the EoD + Imperial Skill combo, very powerful especially on Rama's Imperial Skill.
  3. Twims

    Dice Dice Baby getting reset

    I can try to do again everything I did right before it happened, but I suspect the 100 + remaining rolls to be partly guilty. All my support to your team to fix this bug, really looking forward to getting Bakunawa next time the dice dice event occur 🙏
  4. Twims

    Dice Dice Baby getting reset

    Hello, It's been the second time since this event started that my remaining rolls and my lap count got reseted. For the rolls it's not a big issue, but for the lap count, I wonder how it is even possible to get bakunawa with this bug (actually, 200 laps completed for next patch won't be possible, anyway)... It happened today after server reset (I think there is a daily reset because every day same hour everyone gets dced) I don't know if it is related to the fact that I went in practice room, or to the fact I had 100+ rolls left, but I made sure not to go to Agnesia and only stick to Ernasis (as someone told me Agnesia may bug the events, after I asked on the discord at my first reset).
  5. Twims

    Your favorite main weapon on Ronan?

    Seems to me that only the 1st job actively recharge erudon bar. 3rd and 4th I think can't do anything but wait, I'd say it's a bit strange that the bar refill whith dash and jump attacks on 2nd
  6. I am a huge fan of Ronan's Aegis job, Hell Slayer carried me a lot early on (sadly u can't crit, RIP bro), the block mechanic is really useful and his shield 2MP can save a team in some dungeons, but I can't decide a 2nd job to use with him. So far, I ve seen mostly Dragon Knights and Abyss Knights among end game geared players, so I was curious about your (you, whoever read this and play Ronan) choice of main weapon on him, and why.
  7. Not exactly related but I'm just wondering who ever has use of the cash prop reset form though... We can already chose the cash items stuff props anyway, and even if one does fail his cash items props I don't see the point in struggling to fix it with random attributes, since you won't waste SPS on anything else than TID stuff. About GP props, there is always an ongoing event giving it but I'd say those events are not exactly the funniest to grind. Personnally I just run GC in background to grind dices atm lol. However, as Props scrolls is the true endgame, making it easy to get in a GP shop would be a bit killing it. I agree on the bullion cost being a bit high though, something like 20 coins could be nice, but I think lower would make it too easy.
  8. Twims


    That would be wonderful, maybe several different versions of this file in option as apparently the version that may fix the issue is not the same for everyone.
  9. Twims


    Lags in PvE when you party are not an issue specific to GC Madness but is a result of the "host" system, it was already affecting official GC servers. Basically, if I understood well, the party leader kind of host the game for the other members as you would do in a LAN game. This issue is not specifically related to people's location, since you may have no lags even if hosted by someone coming from an other continent. However, I think many people here have a poor internet connection and should not host for other. The only fix to this currently (and it was pretty common behavior in NAGC) is that players who have a bad internet connection admit it openly and switch host by leaving re-entering in the lobby. The FPS drop bug (that makes every dungeon unplayable when partying) is easy to fix but I agree on that it is very common and that it should be more simple to find. I could totally imagine a message showing up in loading screen giving the link of the forum page that contains the fix, and a permanent link in the update launcher. Otherwise the fix works very well.
  10. Twims

    Error 214-99 / Pet

    Bug can be fixed without restarting the game, After you took the pet from the warehouse, swap to another character then switch back to the character you want the pet on and issue should be solved.
  11. Twims

    Jin Overhaul

    Hey, I returned a week ago, and I noticed all those changes on Jin. I am quite curious about what the community think about this overhaul change in general. On my part, I'm not sure if all those changes come from the same patch or if some nerfs happened prior to it but: End of Day seems much weaker than it used to be, even though u can use skills now. The amount of MP it drains is too much to make it worth using. imo the only situation where I'd use it would be right before using a strong skill (to cancel the animation) then turn back to normal form. It's kind of long to go in burning mode then switch to it though, maybe removing the casting animation would make it more fun. Even though u can now use it from other jobs than fighter, the duration seems quite short compared to previously if not used with fighter. I think going in End of day then switching to an other weapon provided a better duration than it does now. This is probably why I now feel that the casting animation is more annoying, already having to charge the burning bar and go to burning mode was taking enough time, but having to do it constantly to re-apply the buff breaks the pace. The other buff (can't recall the name) heals a bit less than I remember it did. I can't say if the armor break new passive makes it good though, maybe overall it does more damage than in normal state. IMO, Jin is back to being mostly a spell caster now, I thought it was fun to have him rely a bit more on his combo but now I can't say End of Day is worth using. Since he has it under burning mode, he seems sort of bound to spam his burning techniques (mostly >Z) with the pressure of having to do it as much as possible or he would simply have drained his MP for nothing. I wonder how people feel about Jin current state compared to how he used to be. I personally feel that he lost what made him special, to become essentially what he was prior to the implement of his buffs in official GC. Character using curse enchant seem to be the better choice now for a combo oriented playstyle. I have to say that I haven't been that much in depth to try to make him work, so maybe I'm missing something.
  12. Twims

    Dice Dice, Baby!

    Ok thanks. Seems possible to get the lap 200 if it lasts the entire month then
  13. Twims

    Dice Dice, Baby!

    How long will the minigame remain?
  14. Twims

    event quest bugged

    Stuck in the first mission of the event quest, when I kill the arbiter it says I killed it 0 times after i cleared the dungeon
  15. Just wondering but, if you get them with vouchers they are also perma right?