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  1. Pauwiee

    Ronan's Soul Blaze

    How to do ronan's 4th job soul blaze? it dosent work anymore
  2. Pauwiee

    PH Playhouse

    Is there any solution how to enter the playhouse for us PH users? can't get in no matter how many times i try
  3. Pauwiee

    Anything wrong with Crit chance %?

    Thanks Senpai 😉
  4. Pauwiee

    Anything wrong with Crit chance %?

    GrandChase20190322_034111.BMP GrandChase20190322_034114.BMP GrandChase20190322_034116.BMP GrandChase20190322_034118.BMP GrandChase20190322_034120.BMP GrandChase20190322_034122.BMP GrandChase20190322_034124.BMP GrandChase20190322_034127.BMP GrandChase20190322_034129.BMP GrandChase20190322_034131.BMP GrandChase20190322_034133.BMP GrandChase20190322_034138.BMP GrandChase20190322_034140.BMP GrandChase20190322_034143.BMP GrandChase20190322_034152.BMP
  5. I'm supposed to have 50%+ Crit chance but it's only 3%? all my equips have Crit chance % but it dosent add up can post all my equips properties and cards but im lazy XD
  6. Pauwiee

    Gamepad Bindings

    Is it still a work in progress? cause some bindings are not working im using a generic gamepad controller btw
  7. Pauwiee

    WebClient Error

    Im stuck with the client "checking version"
  8. Pauwiee

    Ronan Bug

    Erudons tyrfing isnt working
  9. Wasn't there a promise of an SB sale due to the delay of patches on September or October? Did i miss it?
  10. Pauwiee

    Gamepad Suggestion

    Since you're working on a custom client would it be possible to implement this controller preference for gamepads/controllers like (ps4/xbox)?
  11. Is it just me or what? I can't enter
  12. Pauwiee

    Devotee Ticket

    You can only get it from the Eclipse mini game WITH PURE LUCK witch kinda sucks cause i get nothing T_T
  13. Pauwiee

    About Ronan (Aegis Knight)...

    Am i the only one who uses Abyss Knights Tempest blade for Solo runs?
  14. Pauwiee

    About having multiple accounts...

    FPS Drop in Windows 10? Then you might wanna download the DLL found in solutions
  15. Pauwiee

    can't enter playhouse

    same here