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  1. Gunslinger W.D.W stepping + attack/crit/crit dmg/ hp regen = profit! Enjoy! P.S. Not newb friendly, need great coordination.
  2. This message is sponsored by NASCAR!
  3. It would nice indeed! I am also looking for that. Anyway, most important thing is : Keep server up and enjoyable.
  4. Nope! Enid told me it might be on "to-do list" someday tho.
  5. Check the GCM facebook, all informations there.
  6. Turn off third party applications like voice chat app or others, could interfere sometimes.
  7. Edit: nevermind, enid posted at same time I did.
  8. Here is a quick test I did just converting the bitmap file into vector. I don't have time today to do anything great but I think when I'll have free time, I could totally redraw in vector the tempest texture since it ain't as bad (hard) I was remembering. bitmap texture quick vector conversion texture 3d model with the quick vector conversion texture
  9. Yah I know exactly what you are saying. It seem KoG artists did the drawing on a bigger canvas (512×512 for example) in photoshop with normal drawing line tools (bitmap) and shrank it down to 128x128. Since the canvas is such low res, it will be very hard to do a vector drawing with meshes (for colors). There is 3 things I can try to do tho : 1- Illustrator has a live paint fonction to convert drawing to vector but it often lose many details. 2- I could over draw the existing lines of the texture file with vector. Like this, I would not get jaggy edges. 3- I could either over draw the lines directly on my final result png or use smudge tool lightly to create some kind of AA. I'll give a try, thanks for the feedback.
  10. The great thing about any kind of arts is you can appreciate it without being an artist.
  11. Sup everyone, I have so much fun playing with game files and found my favorite character in the game, the tempest. So, I decide to put 30-40 mins to make a new avatar and signature for fun. What do you think of? No worries, can be harsh if you want, I didn't put that much time on it and I am also not a pro either. I use the 3d model of tempest and texture to create it and use photoshop for background/text/effects. Thanks and have a great day!
  12. Hi everyone, while surfing the game files, I decided to create a png file containing a very basic female 3d model (front and side view) that could help you for drawing armor/accessories. Have Fun!
  13. So here is what I did basically: 1- uncompress itemanim0.kom with quickbms into a folder of same name (itemanim0) 2- convert dds to png with xnconvert 3- did my modifications to the png 4- reconvert png to dds with xnconvert 5- recompile the folder itemanim0 with brian's kompactor (using v3) 6- copy my new itemanim0.kom to GCM folder where it belong. 7- Changed allowmodification to true in options.xml (also tried capital T) also changed the weight of the file in updates.xml to make sure. 8- Launched GCM, launcher redownload the itemanim0.kom Pretty much it ,stuck at this point.
  14. Do you mean Options.xml? I don't have a config.xml And if it is indeed options.xml, I've put true to allowmodifications and the launcher still overwrite itemanim0.kom.