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  1. KurogashiArashi

    [Monthly] The Fashionista Chaser

    IGN : HikariTenshi Description : Lime on Ballroom's Party
  2. KurogashiArashi

    Seal Breaker Scrolls

    The fact is no one have that much time on grinding, even if they do, they always aim for end game equip (True Iron Dragon) Yeah, that mission is for dedicated player, but actually the reward not really worth the hardwork isnt it? I better collect 60 vp with just staying 30 mins on attendance to get 1 seal breaker than doing like difficult missions just to get 1 scrolls and could be 6 if you sum it up The point is, that's not a good suggestion. Why? Because it just put unnecessary difficult missions just to get 1 seal breaker. Unless you have own good reasons why its needed, but not just for dedicated player, think of casual players or pvp players or players that dont have much time on gc (because of real life matters like me) I guess thats the end of my opinion. So yeah, better think it over again. Not really object, but this suggestion still feels 'dumb' to me.
  3. KurogashiArashi

    Uno's combo that deliver high damage

    @KingChronos For the properties i get all (Attack, Special Attack, Critical Chance, and Critical Damage) For equips i use Full True Iron Dragon sets + Phantom Phoenix Earrings + Harkion Ring + Bloody Earring (for Uno's blood gauge) As for cards : Weapon & Gloves : 1 Zero Nutcracker (2.83% Critical Chance) + 5 Berkas Cards (26.39% Critical Damage) Upper & Cloak : 6 Veron Card (440 Attack) Bottom & Shoes : 6 Astaroth Card (774 Special Attack) Helmet : 3 Astaroth Card (151 Vitality)
  4. KurogashiArashi

    Uno's combo that deliver high damage

    Uno is the first character that pick my interest best since he is so agile and combo with blood combo (x button) is extraordinary make him more interesting I've been main uno for 1-2 year i guess so here imma tell you what makes Uno can deliver high damage For me i love putting Uno in all damage base properties (means no mp recovery)
  5. KurogashiArashi

    Grand Chase Art Commission

    Hello grand chase fellas o/ Kurogashi here. In this topic imma tell you about one artist that opening commission for anyone who want their character or their concept to be drawn The artist name is Jesurin-chan. But she is kinda busy with university right now, so she can't post here instead i will post it for her So here's the rule for submitting commission : 1. Private Message me in here or my discord Kurogashi#1288 and tell your requests for commission. 2. Send me some of your character screenshot, if can a lot! If you send me every angles, the better your art detail will be. 3. You can send me reference of the pose you want for your character (can be from manga or anime or picture) or if you dont have any reference you can just tell me what pose you want like "cool pose with their weapon" or anything. I'll try to make it as coolest as possible For the prices we can talk more later so you can negotiate with me. And so here is the rule for comission : 1. NSFW Content 2. Complex background 3. Complex action pose (although she'll try if you have the pose references) 4. No furry and mechanic art (like gundam) There's for the rules and how to submit commission~ Now for the examples! So you might want to submit your own commission
  6. KurogashiArashi

    GCM Fashion Show! [1/18-31/2018]

    The Last Raven's Member (Sorry it's a bit from my fan fiction on Grand Chase) Ign : Kurogashi