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    [Monthly] The Fashionista Chaser #3

    IGN: ATp "Pseudowizard" ARMORS Helmet: Soul Extortion Hair Upper Armor: Soul Extortion Jacket Lower Armor: Crusader Lower Armor (fused with Grand Sage Lower Armor) Gloves: Soul Extortion Gloves Shoes: Absolute Power Shoes (fused with Grand Sage Shoes) Mantle: Clear Cloak Weapon: Vermilion Bounty Hunter Eyeteeth ACCESSORIES Upper Head: Witch's Hat (fused with Conqueror of Kanavan Signboard) Lower Head: Moon Child's Edible Clover U. Armor Ornament: Soul Extortion Wings L. Armor Ornament: Jiang Shi Arm Ornament: Clear Shields
  2. ATp

    [Monthly] The Fashionista Chaser #2

    IGN: ATp Description: Greta oto "Hide, for the gloriously pretentious glass-winged creature's going to destroy everyone." Item Used: Helmet: Ordo Squad Helmet Upper Armor: Wedding Upper Armor Lower Armor: Kanavan Kindergarten Bottom Gloves: Clear Gloves Shoes: Wedding Shoes Cloak: Kounat's Illuminated Society Cloak Circlet: Madness 1-Year Anniversary Signboard Mask: Ordo Squad Mask Wings: Moon Child's Wings Stompers: Clear Stompers Shields: Ordo Squad Shields Weapon: Ordo Squad Soul Taker
  3. ATp

    [Monthly] The Fashionista Chaser

    IGN: ATp Description : Suspicious Vicious Dio