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  3. This is just a thread of me posting all the weird or interesting stuff (probs just equipment and accessories) i found in the game's resources, and modded into GCM. (cus im bored) You can request for a certain old set or accessory if you like, i'll try to find them in the files and mod them in. (i cant find resources for IDGC's dewa/dewi sets tho, only the helm...) (the forum's pretty ded tho, wonder if anyone would even read these anymore XD) guess i'll start with........Ryan's Black Mamba Set: yea, old set, the hair is basically just 1 solid color, even tho the icon has more detail than this..... and unlike many of his old sets, this one didnt get a renewed helm (tho im kinda glad they didnt) and then we have these 3 accessories: seems like the dolphin wans elesis' hair donut (sorry elesis, but ur no-equip set fits them perfectly XD)
  4. Hello! I would kindly like to report a bug regarding to the PvP's system. This concern is about Dio's Weapon Force system in PvP where normal attacks does not make any damage against an opponent(this similar bug applies that you also don't take damage against a Dio Weapon Force opponent when playing with them). However, Special Skills and Technique Skills are the only attacks of Dio's Weapon Force system that gives damage against another opponent. This bug became present since the patch update of June 19, 2020 was released. I would be glad to receive a feedback and help regarding to this matter. From a concerned player, -Lunarix video-1593579914.mp4
  5. Hi, need help. A standard VGA graphics adapter prompt is popping up after i click PLAY but after i click ok the game wont start. hope you guys can help
  6. u probs didnt account for the actual props on each equipment/accessory part for tat relic PP set, since they're random. NC & MT sets are easier to grind for a relic version, so u can keep crafting new ones to get better props, which is probably y it gives more TA despite being lower leveled than relic PP. (the set effect for NC set is....not tat much really, u just get extra atk/crit chance/mp regen, which if u get those props on all parts of a PP set, u actually get more TA than NC's set effect) all in all, it's best to just farm for NC/MT sets when the corresponding event dungeons are available, since they're a lot easier to obtain than relic PP set (unless u gt thousands upon thousands of hero bullions to waste) relic PP set is mostly just for making TID set if u don wanna(or unable to) farm it straight from ToD i gt 63k TA on a lv80 jin with full relic attendant set(cept shield, tat one's epic) and epic PP knuckles. with relic coordi set included, it goes up to 74k TA (81k if add in harkion's ring) (i also gave him too much mp regen, he now has 104.2% lols)
  7. I also got a rin @lv85 and since i jumped her, i got relic phantom phx set, however i dont think phx has set bonus, so despite me equipping higher cards than my NC set, and i only managed to get 61.3 TA from her. I think you rly only can reach higher from there using TRUE IRON DRAGON equips w/c are so hard to farm with these current stats.
  8. I farmed nightmare circus coupons (?) and forged relic grade armor and accessories, at lvl70 i easily reached s+(45k i think) then i equipped cards(mediocre, from alcubra and archemed mostly tho) i reinforced my weapon to 15(scroll from circus). Thats it, i got to 62k TA. Also i did roll my props to remove -lvs and some gp/exp bonuses(scrolls o farmed at NC too)
  9. Thanks for the info and sorry for wrong report.
  10. 1. realization of prophecy happens after dimension's end in veigas' continent "Trivia", tats not wrong. 2. technically both GP random prop reset and single prop scroll are correct, but since the system only allows for 1 answer, single property scroll is the current correct one. (they might change tat in an upcoming hotfix, but unsure if they will) 3. xenia was released earlier than silver land, not wrong either. (tho they could make the question clearer....)
  11. How to fix this thing?Help pls
  12. Their are question that doesn't accept the correct answer in Bingo event.
  13. I don't know if this is a bug or what but the Archimedia care package doesn't have the lovely miracle chest but Alcubra care package have 2 pieces miracle summer chest.
  14. nah, it's a mistake will be fixed in the upcoming hotfix
  15. Erm... Well I have no idea if it's meant to be that way or not, but the last hits of Archranger's 3rd skill (Chakra), when the explosion occur, give back MP on hit. Like, a lot (4-5 enemies give back full MP at 25% MP Recovery).
  16. After the instability the 25th and 26th were checked but when I logged in yesterday they were no longer checked
  17. Earlier
  18. What happened? Is there a bug? Cant connect to any of the servers, my Internet is working fine btw. Is there an emergency maintenance? Does anyone hae this problem? 😢
  19. Nickname: GoldClover I would like to report bug that Adventurer Event doesnt count right. First in Zeruel which I should getting 7/9 but when I check its back to 5/9 Second in Kounat Collapse when I already done 9/9 but when I check its back again to 5/9 what I get from this? playing in Kounat Collapse really exhausting and I keep getting back to 5/9. Please do something
  20. Where can we find the Bloody Soul Earrings that the Maintenance said? Is it available for all characters?
  21. There's no secret to it, really. You just gotta run dungeon and play event when you can. You can get a bunch of high value GP coupons (up to 1,000,000 GP) from events and the likes. Potions sure are expensive too, so the problem might not be that you can't find enough GP but maybe you're buying too many potions? 🤔
  22. Although Asin ( Disciple) have 3 path only Pressure Point (Technique) are being use also I don't know if it a bug or revamp after the update it change the (AP↓) to bleeding making it (DP↓ double bleeding), multiply the damage and easy to trigger the 999999 while the other 2 are being ignore because of the requirement of activation trigger it. I think the other 2 needed to revamp so we choose the other path: (Effect) Increase Enhancement Change the requirement to activate it from 2 buff skill →1 buff skill so it won't consume much of skill slot. (Effect) Additional Special Attack Remove the buff requirement to activate it instead unleash all its hidden attack move permantly like Dio's 4th job Devil Force.
  23. rpa0306


    Apply ka ulit Boss
  24. how do u get a lot of gp,i seem to always be to poor to buy alot of pots
  25. Having a patch note is really great to keep track and get notified of changes so we know what to expect... but when there's missing information it's no good. For instance: patch note said that Bravery's damage was increased by 15%, give Hyper Armor status, increased defense and had its cooldown raised by 10 seconds. Everything's fine, but what wasn't there was that its duration was also reduced by 5 seconds. I feel cheated, this should have been in the patch note. Any other info wasn't in there? 😕
  26. All of my seal breaker scrolls were just gone. they were all from anniversary sale and i know those stuff has been removed but were the scrolls also to be removed after the patch? was saving them for later coordi rotation. I recently reported that all of my sbs were not shared but just on 1 character. IGN: Jyouichi
  27. can anybody help how to fix this i want to play again
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