(Gacha) Poll Winners

This announcement is no longer active


Hello Chasers!
The following gachas will be available in this upcoming maintenance:

SBIconArmor.png.fe72ef385238057561c9b0909a46449c.pngSeal Breaker Gacha (Armor)

  • sbta18827.pngEvil Kaiser (DK-Mark 3)
  • sbta33950.pngStorm Bringer (Ariel)
  • sbta62723.pngSuper Sleuth (Sleuthhound)

SBIconCoordi.png.d4db870df8e52479f341c460569844a1.pngSeal Breaker Gacha (Coordi)

  • sbta89070.pngDog Star (Sirius)
  • sbta123110.pngDark Nightmare (Nightmare)
  • sbta144315.pngMad Tea Party (Rui)
  • sbta105172.pngOrdo Squad (Ordo Squad)
  • sbta146570.pngSoul Extortion (Devilion)

You can preview some if not all of the gacha sets in the page below (We suggest you View Albums for better results):

As always, thank you for voting on the poll! 

This past poll was considered our last community poll. From here on out there will be no more community polls for Coordi Gacha.