[Reported / Known Bugs List] - Updated [5/12/2020]

This announcement is no longer active


These are the following issues that are known by staff regarding our latest patch:

  • LoJ mail is not being sent to some players
  • Beta crest appears very large if equipped
  • Skill Trees cannot be modified unless you have both Elesis and Lire's (current patch note skills) with skill points in them
  • Rock Paper Scissors Do Over Coin Package (11) does not register / Cannot be registered unless you buy a single coin
  • Jin Support Box Signboards are not showing correctly / wrong version
  • Veigas Wedding Coordi Package is stuck within a bundle when bought from the coordishop

Common Questions since latest patch:

Q: "In Land of Judgement (LoJ) it seems harder to collect damage points, is this a bug?"

A: "It's indeed harder, we've changed how the points work, we're now using almost the same rate as the official server" - @Kouyz

Thank you for all your reports, we are working to fix them as soon as possible.