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    • i have the same problem but i am windows 7 i try deleting d3dx9_42.dll and d3dx9_43.dll but no use. i already update my graphic card drive already use compatibility properties but still no use any idea how?  
    • i've nvr been able to evolve lilith since her release in GCM, i gt both lilith and lucretia from hero shop during the event
    • That makes no sense since a friend of mine has obtained Lucretia a while ago by evolving Lilith Was one of his first pet in GCM, in fact.
    • I have come up with some ideas for side attacks from mascots, not everyone, just gacha mascots, continental ones and some that are unique. Feel free to change or adapt as needed. [Madeleine] (Plate Throw): Launches several dishes diagonally. (Medium range) (Multihits) [Mary Jane] (Electronic Pumps): Throw several bombs into the air and use your weapon to blow them up. (Medium range) (Multi hits) [Havoc] (Tornado of Fire): Creates a large tornado of fire and throws it forward. (Long range) (Multihits) [Abigdon] (Sonic Howl): Go forward and howl by dropping sonic waves around you. (Long range) (Multihits) [DK-MARK3] (Electron Beam): Uses its antenna to send a signal to the satellite that conjures a lightning bolt on up to 10 enemies of the map regardless of distance. (One hit) (The lower the number of enemies the greater the damage, the higher the number of enemies the less damage). [Nerissa] (Bubble Rebound): Creates a large bubble that bounces off enemies. (???) (One hit) [Claudia]: No idea. [Kaze'doggeh]: No idea [Thanny Boys]: No idea [Chester] (Burst of Letters): Opens his hat by releasing a burst of cards. (Long range) (Multihits) [Winky] (Loving You): It creates several hearts in the air joining and exploding creating a heart. (Long range) (Multihits) [Ariel] (Wind Impetuous): Creates two large tornadoes (left and right) the distance they follow for the character. (Long range) (Multihits) [Sellion]: No idea [Killian Knight] (Sharp Pointer): Looses several pointers in a straight line. (Long range) (Multihits) [Aero Kitty] (Air Bombing): Advances through the sky in a straight line dropping several bombs. (One hit) [Sleuthhound] (Explosive Evidence): Throws several sheets of paper into the air that explode next. (Medium range) (Multi hits) [Clara] (Ballet Jumping): Gives a great leap forward that raises up enemies. (Medium range) (One hit) [Rexion] (Explosive Sphere): Use your mouth to create an explosive sphere for a few seconds and explode at last. (Medium range) (Multi hits) [Victorius OMG] (Brutal Charge): Uses the hammer to hit him on the ground causing a wave of power. (Medium range) (One hit) [Monny Darko] (Brutal Punch): Fast forward punching straight. (Medium range) (One hit) [Rutherford] (Scarlet Blade): Summons a sword in the sky that causes an explosion to hit the ground. (Cause damage even in the air) (One hit) [Kungji the younger] (Leaves Tornado): Creates a tornado of leaves. (Medium range) (Multi hits) [Bitty Perry] (Dark Orbs): Summons several orbs that chase down enemies. (One hit) [Sirius]: No idea [Purttos]: No idea [Rencia] (Celestial Staff): Summons a staff of the sky that falls to the ground causes damage to enemies and creates a zone that protects allies for a few seconds. (The staff does damage even in the air) (Medium range) (One hit) [Keter] (Holy Ground): Knock your paws on the ground creating a strong light. (Long range) (Multi hits) [Corledia] (Purifying Waters): Creates an effect on the character's feet that increases your HP recovery, protects you against debuffs (including slowness) while dealing damage to nearby enemies. (The difference of this is that it only protects a character) (Short range) (Multi hits) [Ordo Squad]: No idea [KOG B] (Technological Artillery): Creates portals that release lasers that chase down enemies. (Long range) (Multi hits) [Annie and Momo] (Rain of Momo's): Creates a portal in the sky that causes several Momo dolls to fall. (Medium range) (Multi hits) [Princeon]: Same as Rexion. [Dark Nightmare] (Nightmare): Summons various spirits that chase the monsters. (Long range) (Multi hits) [Dokaebi King] (Bizarre): Dress the mask and leap forward creating a scarlet circle while the face of the mask appears. (Medium range) (One hit) [Sia]: No idea [Rui] (Tea Time): Rui opens a portal with his magical key to set up a tea party,sending out multiple teaware in the meantime. (Medium range) (Multi hits) [Devillion]: No idea [Aslan] (Ascending Force): Skips to the sky descending diagonally causing damage to the monsters, and grounding causes an impact. (One hit) [Archangel] (Lightning Storm): Summons several spokes around you for a few seconds (similar to your second mount attack on Elsword). (Long range) (Multi hits) [Raven]: No idea
    • I had a bug involving the Seal Breaker Scrolls. I spent Scrolls on the the Gatcha Coordi in order to get the last piece I need for Mari's Justice Coordi.
      It consumed the Scrolls, but didn't give me anything for them.
      The Last Coordi Item I need for the set is: Justice Stompers
      After that, that would be the full set and I'll have the Pet. I have been spending Seal Breaker Scrolls Since (20 additional Scrolls so far), and I'm getting nothing but 'GC Club' to which I'm now on 70+ days worth.
      30 Scrolls for one single Coordi Gatcha is a bit rough.
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